Selling your car can be a long tedious process. But with Carmudi’s Android app, it got a lot simpler. With four easy steps, one can have a car up for sale in less than than minutes. All one need to do is download the app, go to the menu and click on the link “sell your vehicle” that allows you to upload the car details, images and contact information. And voila, the car is ready for sale.

One can reach millions of interested buyers in just a few seconds without going through the hassle of putting advertisements or spreading the word among friends. What makes it even better is that this service is available in 10 languages (English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, French, Spanish, Sinhala, Tamil, Vietnamese) and is absolutely free.

So no more waiting for months to get the right kind of buyer or visiting a plethora of car dealers to get your resale’s worth. One can quickly do it from a smartphone anytime, anywhere. With more than 1 million Android device users activated every single day, and 1.5 billion App downloads happening every month, Android is poised to continue dominating the emerging markets.

Carmudi has already secured close to 300,000 downloads.

Sellers get prompt notifications/ alerts about potential customers straight to their Android devices. This way, sellers can get in touch with buyers immediately and make an active sale.

If the seller is undecided about pricing, one can choose from various options between Drive Away, On The Road and Negotiable prices. This will allow sellers to meet potential buyers before committing to a final price.


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