• ‘Case vs Poe artificial’


    The disqualification case filed against Sen. Grace Poe that questions her citizenship is artificial and politically motivated, Rep. Jaye Lacson-Noel of Malabon City said on Tuesday.

    Noel noted that Poe’s critics did not question her eligibility when she ran for senator in 2013.

    “Sen. Grace Poe’s political opponents are concerned about winning, not leading. If these people were really concerned about the country, then they would focus on the real problems of our countrymen: high prices and jobs,” Noel, a member of the Nationalist People’s Coalition, said.

    Rizalito David, who also ran for senator in 2013 but lost, filed a disqualification complaint against Poe at the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), claiming that the senator is not a natural-born Filipino because she was a foundling adopted by celebrity couple Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces.

    Being a natural-born Filipino citizen is a requirement for those seeking the presidency.

    During the first hearing of Poe’s disqualification case, Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, the SET chairman, said that Poe is a naturalized Filipino, not a natural-born since the assumption that foundlings will take the natural-born citizenship of the country where they were found is only provided under international laws, not in the Philippine Constitution.

    But Noel said that if David is after the truth and integrity in office, the disqualification case against Poe should have been filed after she topped the Senate race in 2013 with 20 million votes.

    “Camps are more focused on getting the presidential race frontrunner disqualified rather than figuring out how to improve the lives of our citizens. The citizenship issues of Poe are artificial as these were only brought up now that she is the frontrunner in presidential polls,” the lawmaker pointed out.

    Poe has maintained that she is a natural-born Filipino.

    Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe earlier argued that Poe’s assumed natural-born Filipino citizenship should not be questioned because while it is not explicit about it, the 1987 Constitution intends to deem foundlings such as Poe natural-born.

    “We should go by the spirit and intent of the Constitution. The bedrock of the Constitution is working for humanity and justice, with the aid of God. Our Constitution will be committing an injustice if it would assume that foundlings are naturalized just because a child is abandoned or left in the trash [by their biological parents],” Batocabe, a lawyer, said.

    “For one, how can a baby arrive at the church all by herself? The baby could not have come out of nowhere or from heaven. Would that baby be able to swim from the Pacific Ocean and reach our shores? A baby found here in our country would always come from his or her mother’s womb, and in the absence of Senator Grace’s parents and their whereabouts, it should be presumed that she came from the womb of her mother who is a natural born Filipino,” he pointed out.


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    1. 3. Legal experts came out to support Senator Grace Poe’s citizenship issue. No doubt that she is a natural born Filipino and qualified to run in 2016 elections.

      • Are these so-called legal experts members of the Judiciary? There are 3 members of the SC who are in the SET now, and they are the ones who can interpret the law. Also, there are 6 members from the Legislature who are also part of the SET. Their job is legislation, not law interpretation. If you are following the case of GP, I recommend you listen to the oral arguments, which is available in You Tube (audio only). After listening, you will probably realize that there is actually a big doubt on GP’s citizenship. Why are we going to subscribe to the presumption of a UN Convention, in which the Philippines is not even a contracting state, when we have the Philippine Constitution that clearly defines who are considered natural-born Filipinos?
        In the event that she wins the presidential derby, I wonder how will GP execute her oath-taking and categorically states:
        “I, Grace Poe Llamanzares, do solemnly swear before the people that I will faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as President of the Philippines, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man, and consecrate myself to the service of the Nation. So help me God.”
        How can she preserve and defend our Constitution if she cannot even comply to its requirements? We might as well change the word “Constitution” to “1961 UN Convention On the Reduction Of Statelessness” to make her oath worthy of its true meaning.

    2. Pinoy CitizenTama ka itong tongressman o congressman kuno Noel siguro nga walang alam tungkol sa ating constitution ang nasa isip ay pangsariling interest hindi kapakanan ng bayan. Dapat sa mga ganitong tongressman o congressman eh wag ng iboto walang iniisip kundi sariling kapakanan. Ewan ko lang kung marunong umintindi sa sisabi sa ating Constitution sa oprtunista grace. D ba maliwanag sa ating consitution na pa pag nag renounce ka ng Pinoy citizen at nagacquaire ka ng Pinoy Citizen hindi ka na natural born Pinoy citizen ikaw ay naturalized Pinoy Citizen d pa maliwanag yan Congressman. apat ka bang tawagin honorable or dishonorable d ba bilang isang congressman dapat mong igalang sundin at protektahan ang ating saligang batas. Karapatdapat ka bang maging isang congressman? Asking only.

    3. I still think that Poe-Llamanzares is a naturalized Filipino and not a natural-born Filipino since the nationality of her parents are unknown and even though one could claim that the chances of her parents being natural-born Filipinos is high, there is also the equal, although less likely, chance that her parents are foreigners (because what better place to leave an unwanted baby than in a developing country and return to the safety of their first world residence without the risk of people tracing back the kid to them).

    4. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Clear indication that these two congressmen do not know the Constitution of the Philippines specially who is a “natural-born citizen of the Philippines.”

      • Were they sleeping on their class during the “natural-born citizen” lecture of their professors? Unfortunately, many congressmen are naive with their understanding of the English language or twisted interpretation of it just to defend their opinions!

    5. Who would have thought then that she’d lie in her application form? She may have slipped through the cracks then, but now she won’t.

    6. Kasi wala namang nag-akala na napakakapal ng mukha at sinungaling ang Grace Poe na iyan at napaka nuwaya ninyong mga tulad nitong Tongressman Jay Lavcson Noel na ito!!!!