• Cashless payment program to be launched in summit


    Two of the Department of Budget and Management’s (DBM) programs would be launched today and tomorrow during the Good Governance Summit, in line with the government’s agenda for promoting good governance.

    According to Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, the two programs—Cashless Purchase Card (CPC) program and Open Data Philippines—would be added to the roster of the Aquino administration’s achievement so far, which will be celebrated in the said event.

    “The summit is not just a celebration of the progress we’ve so far made in instituting transparent, accountable and participatory governance. More crucial is its forward-looking approach, where we look at the challenges of bureaucratic reform square in the eye—as daunting as they are—and use our experience in the previous four years to overcome these same challenges,” Abad said.

    The CPC program, to be launched on the first day of the summit, is a joint program by the government and Citibank, which would enable government agencies and local government units to use electronic means for government spending instead of cash or checks.

    “The cashless card will function in much the same manner as a corporate credit card, which government employees and offices can use for their procurement needs,” the DBM said.

    DBM Undersecretary Richard Moya said that the CPC would also make auditing and accounting process “much quicker, easier and more transparent.”

    “The bureaucracy’s dependence on petty cash and checks for various official purchases has unfortunately made many of our financial transactions prone to abuse and corruption. The [CPC] will strike at the root of these irregularities by allowing government to enter into transactions through purely electronic means, and within a system that’s updated in real-time, easy to monitor, and completely trackable,” Moya said.

    On the other hand, the Open Data Philippines is a single portal that would serve as the main site for government data and documents of all departments and agencies that would be readily available at http://wwww.data.gov.ph.

    “Open Data Philippines underscores the exact same spirit of openness and participative governance that President Aquino’s reform agenda is founded on. With hundreds of data sets now accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, the public can now take a better look at government data and subject them to closer scrutiny,” Presidential spokesman Secretary Edwin Lacierda said, referring to President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    “The information in Open Data Philippines can help answer these and many other questions, and we believe that the accessibility of this information will help spur public engagement further, so that more and more Filipinos will become our partners in instituting lasting reform,” Lacierda said.

    The summit will be held on January 15 to 17, and will be attended by the country’s stakeholders in good governance.

    “Other highlights in the event include the presentation of results of the 2013 Annual Enterprise Survey on Corruption, the presentation of the Seal of Good Local Governance and the presentation of Public Financial Management Reforms under the Aquino administration,” the DBM said.


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