• Cassius Casas cherishes golf lessons from father, Tiger Woods


    Seasoned Pinoy golfer Cassius Casas recalls his most memorable wins with pride and nostalgia. He ruled the Philippine Masters in 2000 and the Philippine Open in 2001. “I also won the Razon Cup twice – in 2010 and in 2015 – those are major tournaments that is why they are memorable to me; the others I can no longer recall,” he added.

    Cassius Casas reacts after a swing. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    Casas owes a debt of gratitude to his father for introducing him to the sport.

    “It was my father Lesias Casas who taught me golf when I was eight years old,” he said.

    Casas said that being a pro golfer is a bittersweet experience. “It’s hard work but life is good if you’re already earning money from it,” he said.

    “I practice twice a day regularly – in the morning and in the evening,” Casas added on how he hones his skills.

    Casas named the legendary American golfer Tiger Woods his favorite golfer. “To me, it still is Tiger Woods. That is because I experienced playing with him one-on-one in Manila in 1998. I personally witnessed the perfection of his swing and his top caliber skills. He gave me a lot of tips,” he concluded.


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