Casting the net wide for new sports talents


Producing athletes that can compete—and emerge victorious—in the world stage has always been the prime objective of Philippine sports officials. Seeing a Filipino win in the global sports arena never fails to produce a wave of patriotic fervor.

We have had our share of champions in boxing, billiards and other sports disciplines, and they all did our country proud.

Half a century ago, the Philippines was an acknowledged sports power in Asia, on an even footing with Japan and South Korea.

That glorious era is but a memory now. Today we are struggling to keep up with our neighbors in Southeast Asia.

What happened?

Simply put, our athletes grew old, and there was no one to replace them.

Our pool of sports talents is too shallow. Except for some marquee sports like basketball, the turnover of talent has been excruciatingly slow.

It is time for our sports officials to intensify the search for new blood. We have to get more young people interested and involved in athletic endeavors.

By its very nature, sports is a continuing quest to achieve excellence. We need to develop more athletes that are dedicated, disciplined and possess a steely commitment to push themselves to the limit.


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