• Catching up with Camille

    Camille Prats and son Nathan

    Camille Prats and son Nathan

    The Manila Times caught up with former child star and dramatic actress Camille Prats on Thursday who looked lovely in a new short ‘do and possibly her slimmest figure yet. Her best accessory that afternoon, however, was her six-year-old son Nathan, who was launched as Mommy’s co-brand ambassador for Tiger Energy Biscuits’ “Alisto Kids” campaign.

    “I’ve already done a 15-seconder TVC for Tiger but today, Nathan is officially being announced as an ‘Alisto Kid’,” the proud 29-year-old mother shared. “I agreed to the offer because this endorsement won’t affect his schedule at school, and also because the campaign is to do with good nutrition, which is very important for moms like me.”

    Nathan is Camille’s only child by her late husband Anthony Linsangan, who died of a terminal condition in September 2011. Only three years old when his father passed, Nathan, according to his mom, still remembers his dad, but has grown up to be a happy and healthy child despite the tragedy.

    “Unfortunately, when Nathan could already play, his dad wasn’t doing too well anymore,” said Camille. “So although he has memories of him, konti na lang ngayon since he was very young at the time.”

    Thankfully, Nathan has his mom’s older brother, actor and dancer John Prats who has always been a father figure to handsome and cheerful boy.

    “Nathan really looks up to John, and I feel very lucky that my brother has really stepped in as dad for my son. Siya yung nag-pupunta sa school kapag father-and-son day, nag-di-disiplina, and tinuturuan pa niya magsayaw ito!”

    With a strong support system as a single mom, Camille is fully able to care for Nathan’s well being. She also is a stickler for good nutrition, which is why she had no hesitation in endorsing Tiger Energy Biscuits.

    “Every day I get to spend with Nathan is a blessing. That’s why I make sure that every day of his life contributes to his growth as a person. We make the most of our days together by spending time to bond and enjoy life. More importantly, I make sure his every day is a chance to become alisto—with the activities we do and the food that he eats. Just like Tiger Energy Biscuits, the snack and baon I give him to help provide nutrients in every bite!”

    Currently a first grader in school, Nathan, according to his proud mom is doing well in his studies and also turning out to be a good basketball player.

    As to whether she will let him join showbiz anytime soon, Camille replied, “I think we’ll just stick to endorsements right now because I don’t want him to get distracted from his studies. Maybe he’ll shoot a TVC with me for Tiger very soon.”



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