Caterer to preserve plates used by Pope


Everybody wanted to go near the Pope when he visited the Philippines last week but with his tight security, only a few had the rare chance to get close to him.

Steve Tamayo, President and chief executive officer of Tamayo’s catering services, was one of the lucky few.

“Isa ako sa napili . . . ako ay masaya kasi feeling ko napakalaki ng participation ko sa papal [visit]. . . walang tulugan ng January 15 nandun na excitement parang ayaw na namin matulog kasi sabik na sabik na kami dumating yung 16,” Tamayo said.

Francis held his first mass in the Philippines at the Manila Cathedral before the thousands of bishops, priests and some other religious men and women.

It was Tamayo who served the more than 1,000 volunteers, bishops and laity who attended the event.

When he learned that the Holy Father loves sweets, Tamayo served some pastries to the pontiff.

He recalled that after the mass, he served some pastries to the Pope who wasted no time to eat it.

Of the 10 pastries served him, the Pope consumed seven. Tamayo said the pontiff left slices of chocolate pyramid, Brazo de Mercedes and baked cheesecake.

Tamayo said he will preserve the three pastries left by the Holy Father.

He added that the plates, cups and saucers and a goblet used by Francis will also be preserved as a remembrance that they once served the pontiff when he visited the Philippines.

Robertzon F. Ramirez


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