Cathay flight crew ‘saw’ NKorea missile from plane


HONG KONG: Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific said Monday that one of its air crews spotted what they believed to be the missile fired by North Korea last week, as they flew between the southern Chinese city and the United States. A statement from Cathay said a flight crew had that day sighted “what is suspected to be the re-entry of the recent DPRK test missile.” Cathay did not give the location of the flight at the time of the sighting, but said the crew of the CX893 flight between Hong Kong and San Francisco had notified Japanese air traffic control “according to procedures.” Operations had continued as normal, the statement added. Cathay said there is no current plan to change air routes, describing the flight as being “far from the event location.” “We remain alert and review the situation as it evolves,” the statement said. In a message shared with staff, Cathay general manager Mark Hoey said the crew had described seeing the missile “blow up and fall apart”, the South China Morning Post reported.The North fired an intercontinental ballistic missile believed capable of hitting the US mainland last Wednesday.



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