Caught, uncaught


Despite the one single “flaw” of her ex-partner, this foreign-looking actress (FLA)—in fairness—never made public the reason behind their separation.

Only privy as well as privileged to know all this are very few of her closest friends in the biz.

“Ugly as it may sound,” our source began, “the FLA caught her ex-partner, hold your breath, with their ‘kumpare.’ The two men (although dressed) were having sweet moments.”

Without much thought, the FLA allegedly had to make a decision even it pained losing a relationship which she thought was for keeps.

“The fact that she never granted any interview right after she broke up with her partner says a lot about her character. Eh, di ba, not once as far as we can remember has she ever been involved in any controversy or strife which showbiz is replete with?” our source pointed out, declining to say any further.

* * *

There was no fire in the hotel but this goddess-like actress (GLA) took the fire exit to escape a fellow actress (FA) who was pursuing her and her actor-hubby (AH) she had confirmed were billeted there.

So incredibly sharp was FA’s radar that she had tracked down the two who checked in at an inn somewhere in the south.

But it was too late. Just as when FA was walking toward the hotel elevator, the male desk officer—who was asked which room her AH occupied—had him rung up to say his wife was on her way up.

Once told, AH had GLA put on her clothes in a huff.

“Wala tuloy naabutan yung legal wife. Siya pa itong napahiya for having no proof of her husband’s infidelity,” our source said.


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