Cavite band turns boyhood hobby to winning career



At a time when everyone wants to make it big in any industry, keeping the faith and a commitment, especially with a group, can be very tough. But the case is not so with five music artists from Cavite. Collectively as the band Plethora, LJ Herrera (vocals), Aldrin Isaguire (keyboardist), Jesser Pello (drums), and Andrew Isaguire (lead guitarist), are on board for the long haul, together.

Having grown up together and sharing their fondness for music, the boys banded together with a common passion for music since high school. A decade and a half ago, they searched the dictionary for a name that would best describe them and their music and came up with “Plethora.”

“We searched the dictionary and found the word ‘plethora,’ which meant overabundance. It seemed like the right one, so we went with it,” Herrera says.

While they name Metallica as one of the biggest influences, and they’re very much into neoclassical metal and rock, they also flourish in reggae and alternative—proving that their years of experience has taught them a valuable lesson in making it big in the music industry: flexibility.

The band has learned a lot through the mentorship program wherein noteworthy music icons such as Thyro Alfaro, The Juans, MG Mozo, Civ Fontanilla, Punch Liwanag, and Donnalyn Bartolome trained them. They said that they’ve gained knowledge and maturity from learning from professionals and with this, they are now more confident in themselves and in their music.

For 15 years, they have been gracing audiences with their distinct brand of music that is both mature and deep. It’s their goal to inspire people with their music. It hasn’t always been that way, as they have faced several challenges. Like any other successful band, they had to show how industrious and creative they are.

Their hard work and creativity paid off when they were in the Top 8 Finalists in the Greenwich Ultimate Barkada Search, and eventually won first place. They admit that they did have a hard time using the lyrics given by Greenwich, but their efforts weren’t wasted. Because of their persistent attitude to rise above standard images, they matched music and lyrics, and thus their mission was clear to Greenwich.

“We joined because we really want to inspire, especially the youth. We want to break the stereotype – that musicians are irresponsible and do drugs. We want everyone to know that through music, you can be better, that you, too, can inspire,” Herrera says.

With that in mind, they claimed first place and won prize money and a recording contract with Viva Records.

The challenges are not over for the band, as they face bigger mountains ahead. Thanks to the Greenwich Ultimate Barkada Search, they are able to save more for their craft. “We plan to set it aside the prize money and save up because we also need to improve the materials and instruments we use to make our music,” continues Herrera.

With bigger mountains in the horizon, they look up to the heavens and seek their own inspiration from the Source of Being. “Discipline, focus and of course having Jesus Christ in the center of our band was really how we got the winning place”, ended the lead vocalist.


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