Cavite is most populated province


The National Statistic Office’s (NSO) May 10, 2010, census found Cavite as the province with the largest population with 3.09 million inhabitants.

Bulacan had the second-largest population at 2.92 million and Pangasinan third with 2.78 million.

In the NSO’s August 2007 census on population, Cebu recorded the biggest number of inhabitants provinces at 2.4 million, but it was overtaken over by Cavite. Cebu including Cebu City and Mandaue City has 2.62 million.

Lorena Cron, Cavite Provincial Population Office officer, said the provincial population grew 4.29 percent annually.

There are 1,494,300 females and only419,200 males in 2010, but the males dominated the labor force. Cavite also had the most number of laborers deployed abroad, mostly seamen, skilled workers and househelp.

By December 2013 the population of Cavite was estimated at 3.8 million. In four to five years, the Caviteños would number five million, demographers predicted. Rogelio Limpin


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