• Cayetano also got his just deserts


    The point of Halloween in the western world is to use “humor and ridicule to confront the power of death” – hence the ghoulish pranks and antics. The point of All Souls Day and All Saints Day in the Catholic calendar is deadly serious; these are the days when we recall and venerate our dead and all the saints together.

    In the spirit of these feasts and in the interest of fair and balanced journalism, I feel obligated to report, following my column last Thursday (“Trillanes impales himself,” October30), that Sen. Antonio Trillanes is not alone in falling on his words or his sword.

    His partner in character assassination and senatorial excess, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, also got his just deserts – and in similarly jaw-dropping fashion.

    To be completely truthful, this is not my original discovery and insight. I got it from fellow columnist Alex Magno, who noted it first in the Philippine Star.

    Alex wrote: “Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, the only senator perceived to be in active play for the 2016 presidential contest, used to have a 5% share of voter preference. In the last survey, the number of voters who said they will choose him for the presidency dropped to barely 1percent. His base of voters basically evaporated.

    From abortion to babymaking
    “The drop in Cayetano’s numbers was so dramatic, the senator was quoted in one report as saying he would focus his energies in the near term on producing a baby. His presidential run appears to have been aborted. We wish him a healthy baby, however.

    “The only thing that might explain Cayetano’s drastic loss of support is his participation in the three-man inquisition panel going after Vice-President Jejomar Binay. The hearings conducted by a runaway “subcommittee” may provide weekly grist for the scandal mill, but the partisan conduct of the hearings appears to have alarmed the public. If the second highest official of the land can be given the kangaroo-court treatment, what is there to protect ordinary citizens?”
    Evaporated? Aborted?

    Did VP Binay gobble up all of Cayetano’s supporters? What happened to the TV spots that Alan ran on network TV at such great cost? And to all the free TV time secured during the Senate inquisition on Binay? Did they have no beneficial effects?

    This is the problem with going negative. Its soul is signed in bile and water; you cannot pocket anything and then, say the old folks back home, there is karma, “Your foolishness will come back to you or your body.”

    This is not necessarily curtains for the Cayetano for president fantasy, or the get-Binay conspiracy. The financiers behind it have deep pockets. Cayetano, like his partner Trillanes, could redouble his efforts to chop down Binay. And Mar Roxas looks just about ready to formally declare his candidacy for president. He will be in earnest search of a running mate.

    Cayetano and Trillanes always knew their limitations. Vice-president was the most they were pining for.

    On just deserts
    When I first heard the term “just deserts,” I thought it was what you get at the end of a hearty meal, spelled with a double s.

    After some research, I am now properly instructed that it is spelled with a single s and is always in plural form. The singular desert will take us to the world of Lawrence of Arabia and metaphorical realms like “a cultural desert.”

    In the Internet, I found this enlightening entry in the Phrase Finder website:

    ”Just deserts means ‘That which is deserved; A reward for what has been done—good or bad.’ ”

    “In the sense of ‘things deserved’, it has been used in English since at least the 13th century. A citation in which it is linked with ‘just’ comes from 1599, in Warning Faire Women:
    “Upon a pillory – that all the world may see, A just desert for such impiety.”

    “With this phrase it isn’t the origin that is interesting though, but the spelling. I am often contacted by people pointing out that ‘just deserts’ is misspelled. They go to great lengths to explain why it should be ‘just desserts’. They are wrong, but perhaps understandably so.

    “Deserts is now almost always used in reference to desolate and arid regions of land. Its use to mean ‘that which is deserved’ is now largely limited to this single phrase.

    “Desserts—the last or sweet course of a meal—is widely used and is pronounced the same way as the deserts in ‘just deserts’.

    “When hearing the phrase with the pronunciation like
    ‘desserts’, people think it must be spelled that way too. The spelling might be more intuitive if we thought of the phrase as ‘what you justly deserve.’”

    “Most of the correspondence pointing out the ‘error’ comes from Australia. That may be coincidence, although it could be that, living in a hot, English-speaking country, Australians have more exposure to hearing the word deserts with the stress on ‘des’ than the rest of us.”

    Aquino as just deserts of Filipinos
    In social media, I have noticed of late that Filipinos, expatriates and foreign observers are severely critical of the Filipino citizenry and especially Filipino voters.

    They aver that President Benigno BS Aquino 3rd is entirely what we deserve—because of our unknowing and credulous electorate and our stupid politics.

    Locals call our voters “bobotante” (dumb voters) because we voted PNoy into office knowing his total lack of accomplishments and credentials, and without subjecting him to rigorous screening.

    Foreigners think our politics is stupid because we do not vote on the basis of platforms and issues; we base our choices wholly on personalities, media images and name recall.

    Everything is driven by campaign advertising. This is why they we elect a disproportionate number of entertainers and the scions of family dynasties.

    Given what we are living through today—the overmatched ineptitude of the Aquino government in the face of acute national problems and public policy questions—we Filipinos have gotten exactly what we deserve.

    So the challenge of 2016 could not be clearer.



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    1. Alan cayetano just want to get back at binay because makati is claiming the fort and also at the same time he thought this will boost his presidency dream but it backfired why? Because of a character assasination. Why dont you just build a name for yourself by not ruining other peoples name. I doubt that all political people are clean. We know all of you have dirty secrets so stop assasinating other people instead do something good that people will remember you if you want to get popular. This might get you votes dont act like a gay!

    2. A few things:

      1 – Government is USELESS. Voting does not change things – after the election – your income will still be plundered by Kim Henares and her BIR gang.

      2 – Filipinos are collectivists – and have a limited sense of self – thus they don’t vote on the basis of what their conscience or their personal interests – they vote based on what the baranggay captain or someone else they perceive as being authoritative told them

      3 – Philippine elections is like Democrat primary (there are no republicans in the Philippines – you know, minimal government, minimal taxes, and regulations – and free and open markets). This ties in into the pinoy penchant for freeloading – a libre me this, a libre me that… free hospital, free tuition, free lunch) , Filipino columnists and voters however, are too dense to figure out that whatever government hands out – was taken from someone else.

      A Philippines that can’t think itself out of a paper bag – that’s what we have. The deeper implication however is that the people who reside in this paradise lost can’t think themselves out of a paper bag.

    3. HAAAY naku, Makati bidding rigged…pati ba naman itong blog gawa gawa din? Halatang halata eh…I am apolitical Pero this article and mga sumunod na comments, iisa Lang ang gumawa…MATALINO ANG MGA PINOY!

    4. Roldan Guerrero on

      I am not convinced Filipinos are as stupid as what many, specially foreigners think, The elections in 2010 was fully rigged through PCOS Machines. As a Computer Engineer by profession with a very lengthy experience in the Computing Field, I know BSA won by cheating through manipulations done on the PCOS Machines. The Pcos machines are categorically very old model computer devises such that it is prone to intructions by advanced computer users. I am confident to say that ERAP was the rightful winner in the 2010 Presidential Elections. I repeat Filipinos voted wisely but they were cheated by manipulations on the Database. The result had been pre-programmed such that winning votes will go to Aquino. Who do you think would vote for a THRASH CANDIDATE?

      • Ok.. so this can go a couple ways from your analysis. Filipinos are dumb to vote Erap, a convicted plunderer, again. He should not even be allowed in politics, but thanks to the mafia style politics here, he was pardoned to join the plunder gang again.

        They are also dumb to keep electing the same family dynasties over and over. And the main reason Aquino won is because Filipinos vote based on emotion; not common sense, logic, or credentials etc.

        Yes, the electronic machines can be rigged, and probably are.

    5. yes its too devastating these people headed by pinoy and cohorts like mad and 3 itlog. kawawa ng PH. they use people’s monies just to spend sa walang kabagaybagay na imbestigsyon. they want to become candidate come 2016, bakit di nila bigyan ng pansin ang lumalaking unemplyment sa bansa kesa sa walangkabuluhang sarsuela na pinag gagawa nela gaya ni cupal coup trillanes. pati mga pulis ngayon ibig na nyang maging tuta gaya ng ginawang appearance ni bir henares at dar delosreyes at coa ay san pupunta ang PH? same to Cayetano pa,ti ang walang kamalay malay na bata isasama sa imbestigasyon. may utak at pagiisip ba si bading cayetano? at lastly ito si pimentel kaya ka hinwalayan na asawa mo wala kang sariling desisyon. kakahiya kau 3 itlog. you wants to be landed to Pesisdent kaya nagpapatuta kayo kay pinoy at MAR pero wait wala na kau pwesto kasi MAR is our candidate so sori kau

    6. Democracy is a failure when the majority of the people, by circumstances and by design, is saddled with the daily grind of how to survive. Then, those who managed to escape the inhumanity of poverty are ceaselessly bombarded by the mass media of misinformation and at the same time, convincing them that a tablet or a smartphone is all there is to prove they are not poor anymore.

      Our “democracy” is voted by emotion, by people who have nothing left after trying to survive.

    7. I certainly would like to see the day that a sitting president, does not have any axe to grind against any perceived personal political enemies, for those current public official who had made infractions of the law and the constitution, the public should file cases against them and it will be left to the courts to decide and bring justice unto these scandalous lot. As for the next Chief Executive, all that needs to be done would be to fight for the sovereignty of the land, respect for the constitution and work on the general welfare of the people.

      Unfortunately, this could only be a pipe dream and may take a generation to be a reality, as it seem those who are bent on running to take the position on the next presidential election(s), are those with baggages, axes to grind and personal agenda.

    8. I wonder who is paying for the tv ads of Alan Cayetano. If it is the City of Taguig, then it wasting funds of the city that no one will benefit except him his political dynasty family. And if some businesses are paying for the ads then there are business conflict could be in involved.

    9. Sir Yen,
      Thanks for agreeing with what I have frequently opined in my past comments to your
      articles. The primary reason for the existing dire Philippines situation is the uneducated
      and ignorant Filipino electorate………….and.the 2016 election will not be any different !

    10. Foreigners are right when they call the philippine electorate stupid, they are. The very simpliest of which to examine is manny pacquiao. My god what education has this guy got. Hes a pro boxer that had little to no education at all, clever people in politics would use him & he wouldnt have a clue. He would be like a fish out of water. His tax problems should show you that, he had 2 years to show his origional tax receipt from the irs to the bir, but till now he hasnt shown it. Its either because his team are incompetent, or he is corrupt. Either way it shows he shouldnt be in any form of power in politics. But the pinoy is easily swayed as people like you know & every simple accusation can sway peoples mind. You use those almost every day on here.

    11. Im beginning to wonder if you are a lackey of binay’s. You seem to dote on hie every word & can see no wrong in him. To most people it does look like the makati building was maybe double the price ( at least ) as it should have been. Now when a project is way over priced like that its usually because of corruption, someone getting a huge kickback.
      Then take binays wife, buying hospital beds for over P500,000 when they cost around P30,000. Not a bad profit for someone. & who sold her those beds, tui, you know him the guy that owns all that land that binay doesnt own. He runs agri businesses not medical businesses. Its so strange how you chose to divert peoples minds away from facts about this inquest into binays family affairs as it does seem all are involved in something wrong, for a start dynasty’s. They see nothing wrong with anything they do & you seem like their number one supporter, maybe you should be checked out. I wonder what skelletons you have in your cupboards.

    12. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Agree completely. The Hocus PCOS machine, the Brillant(es) 60-30-10 lotto parallel machine, should be out first to have a credible election result. Forget about the money pocketed by the brilliant chair, let us go and fight for an honest and respectable election this coming 2016 without the hocus. The hocus might give us an overly psychologically invalid and crazy result. God bless the Philippines..

    13. Cayetano is doing a superb job in my view, a very smart lawyer, always prepared and does his homework well. Some insane people may not like him like yourself but sensible people appreciates his frankness. Mindless to what other people like yourself portrayed him to be, he continue to be aggressive in pursuing the truth knowing he will lose some votes from people like you and mostly from the poor. I think the country need more leader like him unlike Tiangco, Remulla and Bautista and the many other Binay supporters who are constansly showing their stupidity in public….

    14. Mr. Makabenta’s article lacks any substance. It is very obvious that he is a Binay stooge and bent on criticizing Trillanes and Cayetano for no reason other than two are exposing Binay’s corruption.

    15. Those who were critical of “dumb” voters choosing Erap and the likes of Lito Lapid and Bong Revilla are themselves stupid for voting for Noynoy. They chose him because of his “sincerity” ( Winnie Monsod is one such fan). He did nothing as congressman and senator and has been disastrous as president. Yet there are people in the mold of the insufferable Jim Paredes who calls him “the best president ever”.

    16. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      I watched a portion of the investigation on VP Binay by Cayetano, Trillanes and Pimentel; it is more of adversarial and combative instead of probative. I agree. in due time, these three will have their respective “just deserts”. But, instead of crying ‘persecution’, Binay should come out clean.

      Binay, as of now, is having his “just deserts”. Sometime, somehow, the truth will allways prevail; the crooked will fall and the righteous will win. All government officials of supicious wealth should be subject to investigation and they are all “fair games”.

    17. Ayan, dapat makinig kay Yung Makabeynta sina de Lima at Henares. Baka bumaba iyong kanila Pulse Survey points. At iyong mga NBI agents na naghahanap ng hard evidence tungkol sa World Class Parking. Warning ni makabeynta — just deserts.

    18. Gloria M. Kuizon on

      Yes, sir, we must not vote for Mr. Aquino’s, Mr. Abad’s and Mr. Roxas’ and the the Liberal Party’s candidates in 2016.
      But what about the Comelec-Smartmatic/PCOS machines that can produce the victors in the 2016 election the same way they in 2010 and 2013?
      We must first get rid of that evil.

      • I agree. The PCOS machines are as deadly and disastrous as the present crop of presidential wannabes. It’s best that we follow Germany when the people found that the machines are the perpetrators of fraud. They threw away the machines and returned to manual. That was the act of a people who value their right of suffrage. It was crucial to them that the ones they voted for are the ones that will come out in the election results.

      • i concur and strongly agree with your ‘hokus pcos/smartmatic’ no sense going to the polling place with that smartmatic. Scrap brilliantes comelec and smartmatic before we even seriously think of the most viable presidential candidate. Focus and bombard lousy and evil brilliantes comelec, the yellow abnoy puppet, get rid of the smartmatic first!

      • The problem is, the machines might be smarter than the bobotantes who keep on voting for the trapos and/or popular but unqualified personalities like Lito Lapid, Manny Pacquioa and many more. Please note that wrong people being elected in position have lead to the demise of the Philippines. As long as corrupt and unqualified politicians are winning, whether the selection is by machine or by bobotantes, the result is destructive. The standard to choose candidates shall be upgraded so that only “the best and the brightest” are allowed to run. Until this happens, the rotten political system will continue to degrade the Philippine society.

      • ASIDE FROM THE LUMP SUM ITEMS IN THE BUDGET, the hocos pcos machine is the other weapon in the arsenal of aquino and his lap dance partner boy pickup aka boy kargador aka boy trapik aide aka boy padyak and latest from jojo robles of mst, boy doctor