Cayetano claims receiving death threats


Senator Alan Peter Cayetano claimed that he has been receiving death threats from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front because of his strong stance against passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

The senator from Taguig City (Metro Manila), host to a big Muslim community, said he got reports on an assassination plot from government law enforcement agencies and from his friends in the intelligence service.

“One report came from an official report, but they requested [me]not to divulge it in public since they are still investigating the report. The threat was specifically for me as a senator,” he told reporters at Thursday’s Kapihan sa Senado forum.

When pressed to give details on the assassination plot against him, Cayetayo begged off, only saying he got the information from sources in the government intelligence community, whom he refused to identify.

He said he was furnished the report that identified him as the assassination target.

“There is a specific politician in the official sources, and a politician in general in the unofficial source, who will be sacrificed for the passage of the BBL,” Cayetano added.

He said he is the “politician” identified by an official source.

Once the assassination had been successfully pulled off, according to the senator, the MILF would deny that they had anything to do with it and instead tag the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Figthers (BIFF) as the culprit.

The BIFF is a breakaway armed group of the MILF.

“Alam nyo ang BIFF at MILF ay BFF [You know that the BIFF and the MILF are best friends forever],” Cayetano said.

Cayetano said members of his family are taking the threat seriously, prompting him to ask for more security personnel upon recommendation of the government itself.

Cayetano’s sister, Pia, is also a senator. His wife, Lani, is the mayor of Taguig City, and his brother, Lino, is the congressman of the second district of Taguig. His other brother, Ren, was a former councilor of Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila).

Alan Peter Cayetano, who has been the Senate majority floor leader since July 2013, heads the Senate Committe on Rules.

He also claimed that the MILF is aggressively launching black propaganda against him from Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, up to Luzon, identifying him as anti-Muslim.

Cayetano said he is only against the passage of BBL but that he is not anti-Muslim.

“If you look at Taguig City, we have one of the largest communities of Muslims, the Maharlika Village. Most of them [residents]are my supporters, and they even [give]me some information,” he added.


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  1. ariel mangansakan on

    It is very obvious that Mr. Senator Cayetano is just want to have sympathy from the public and incite them for anger towards the MILF and to the passage of BBL. He is not really a statesman, but rather an opportunity grabber to embalm his political agenda comes May 2016 and not to mention he is a deceitful.

  2. If you believe him blindly without analyzing the situation then someday you’ll realize that you were being fooled by his strategies of getting the attention of the Filipinos. Believe it or not, what is he doing is just an instrument for his future political career… Don’t be fooled by his hypocritical action….

  3. if the plot is true and sanctioned by MILF, it just shows what MILF is capable of. it appears that MILF will exhaust all measures to remove (or rather execute) those who block their agenda to get a stronghold in Mindanao through BBL. God may have allowed the mamapasano incident to happen to expose the evil plan of MILF -just like He did (as inscribed in the Bible) to those who are bent to do evil.