Cayetano denies ‘oust-Koko’ plot


SENATOR Alan Peter Cayetano on Friday urged fellow senator Antonio Trillanes 4th to resign for damaging interpersonal relations in the chamber.

At the same time Cayetano assured his colleagues he had no intention to grab the Senate leadership from Senate President Aquilino “Koko Pimentel 3rd, saying he would be joining President Rodrigo Duterte’s Cabinet soon.

Trillanes had accused Cayetano of being behind a plot to unseat Pimentel.

“If Senator Trillanes considers me as a problem then we should both resign even tomorrow. Because I look at it differently, and I see him as the problem in the Senate,” Cayetano said in a news conference.

“So expect weekly intrigue from Senator Trillanes because that is his calling nowadays…but I hope he finds something very productive, to contribute or to do to this administration, rather creating intrigues,” he added.
Cayetano said he had long decided that his role was not to lead the Senate.

He said he was not eyeing the Senate presidency because the senators and President Rodrigo Duterte had placed their trust on Pimentel.

Even if he became Senate president, he won’t be able to do the job, Cayetano said.

“It is useless. I would just be damaging my name because I won’t be able to accomplish anything in five months. I would have wanted it (Senate presidency) if I had 12 months,” he said.

Trillanes, in a text message, said Cayetano should resign first for his failure to fulfill his promise.

He said Cayetano made a promise to resign if the country’s problem on illegal drugs, corruption and crime won’t be solved in three to six months.

Trillanes was referring to the campaign pledge of Duterte and Cayetano, who ran for vice president during the May 2016 elections, to eliminate illegal drugs and corruption in as short as three months.


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  1. Cayetano should be removed and barred from government employment due to being on the Napoles list.
    Cayetano gave the pork barrel money to Napole in exchange for campaign funds. So right there he knew the money was not going for projects.

    At the very least he should be removed for giving the people’s money to a scam artist. Cayetano should be in jail.

  2. How can drugs be eliminated if there are forces aligned to drug lords activities, government officials are in cohorts and not wanting to get away from their illegals acts…from their territory. How can it be successful when people like you are against it–all talks but no specific accomplishment to back it up.

    • They could start by arresting all the thieves in congres, there were over 140 members of the senate and house that gave billions to Napoles and only 3 opposition senators were arrested.

      Aquino and De Lima protected these thieves, the government needs to purge these thieving lawmakers out of the government or it will never make any progress against corruption.


      Let them get away with stealing billions from the people.