• Cayetano: I’m not giving up on Duterte


    Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, who is running for Vice President in next year’s elections, on Wednesday said he is not giving up on Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

    “I am not giving up [on Duterte], because I want to have a running mate, of course, but I am committed to run even if he doesn’t choose me. I will support him as a presidential candidate,” Cayetano added.

    Duterte has repeatedly said he is not interested in the presidency and plans to retire from politics and public life after serving his third and last term as mayor of Davao City.

    Through a proxy, he filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) for reelection.

    Speaking to journalists at a forum in Quezon City, Cayetano said Duterte had told a gathering of his supporters over the weekend that nothing is final yet about his possible entry into the 2016 presidential derby.

    He quoted Duterte as saying that he has until December to finally decide if he will run as substitute presidential candidate.

    According to the Commission on Elections’ 2016 elections schedule, the last day for the substitution of candidates is on December 10.

    Cayetano said Duterte had told him in a telephone conversation that “it’s only God who knows if I will become President, and then there is still December.”

    Duterte did not show up at the Comelec main offices in Intramuros, Manila, last Friday, the last day for the filing of COC, where about a hundred of his supporters gathered, expecting that he would file his COC for President.

    Cayetano, who is eyeing to team up with the Davao mayor, and his supporters also awaited Duterte’s arrival after he filed his COC last Friday.

    Instead, former Quezon City barangay (village) captain Martin Diño filed his COC for President shortly before the final hour struck as a candidate of PDP-Laban.

    PDP-Laban president, Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd earlier announced that they will make Duterte as their official candidate.

    Diño filing his COC was seen as an “insurance move” to enable Duterte to come in as a substitute candidate.

    Cayetano said Duterte symbolizes hope as he could shake things up.

    He added that he is certain that more people will be thankful than those who will get angry if the mayor changes his mind.

    “I am excited on what he can do for the country. I’m not saying that he is perfect, but I think he is the only candidate who will exactly tell you what to do directly,” Cayetano said.


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    1. Cayetano sent his pork barrel allocation to Napoles in exchange for campaign funds according to Napoles.

      Sent his pork barrel millions to fake non government organizations and this guy wants to be vice president

      The pork barrel fund according to the government was supposed to benefit the public in some way,
      Cayetano gave his millions to Napoles and the campaign funds he got in return he now gets to spend on himself.

      What a deal. Isn’t that suppose to be illegal ?

    2. Sobrang kapalmux talaga itong si Cayetano. Matanong nga: What will this guy bring to the equation in case he finds a presidential candidate? The small town of Taguig? He cannot even claim that Taguig is solidly behind him because half of it is owned by the Tingas. This is just a fund raising venture, at best. If he is serious, then he is not only kapalmuks but delusional as well.

    3. At the same time. Supporters of Duterte like me were the ones pushing him to run despite his strong stance of “NO” hahaha!
      This won’t affect the fact that he have a good public service.

    4. I don’t care if others will accuse Duterte as walang isang salita if this will result to true change against corruption, crimes, injustice, and alot more. The future of this country and our children relies on who we’ll vote?

      Daang matuwid? I will believe it if crimes are not that rampant even at your home, you’re not safe anymore.. It got worse on Aquino’s term. And justice first on Luisita acienda.. and Ampanatuan.

    5. Bert Hernandez on

      Mr. Duterte, you are the last hope for the country to move forward, to eradicate corruption, eliminate production or sale of drugs which is a main concern to the citizenry. Let’s us keep the Philippines safe again. Daan matuwid is just a political word with no meaning at all, it’s baluktot as the president. Please reconsider.

    6. Many politicians like the “Duterte Style” of governing. How come they don’t imitate him?

      Cayetano sits on-the-fence in the case of Mrs. Llamanzares. He said that “there’s political ‘touch’ to it. As a senator, and a lawyer, he should know that it’s the Philippine Constitution that is involved. So, whether there is politics involved or not, she has to qualify under the Constitutional requirements. It seems that the Constitution is being taken for granted that a strict adherence to its provisions can be taken lightly. As usual, Cayetano wants to play ‘safe’ which is a sign of “weakness”. Besides, he was one corrupt senator as exposed in the former CJ Corona case; one of those I call “Kapalmuks”!

      • Cayetano has no opinion except what Aquino tell him his opinion is.
        Cayetano spent the past year sitting on the yellow ribbon committee doing Aquino’s work for him.
        Cayetano sent his pork barrel allocation to Napoles in exchange for campaign funds according to Napoles.

        Sent his pork barrel millions to fake non government organizations and this guy wants to be vice president

    7. yes, I am glad Duterte can still run through a substitute from his political party. I will vote for him and campaign also for his sure win. He is the only hope of our nation whose leaders now are very incompetent, stupid and corrupt.

    8. a desperate man can be driven to do crazy and wild imagination. he is now haunted by karma being so full of himself and doing things no matter who gets ran over! bye bye your dream of becoming the leader of this country… sobrang pa-epal kasi!