Cayetano should inhibit from Binay case


BECAUSE of his obvious political prejudice and bias, pro-administration Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano should inhibit himself when the Senate committee on rules deliberates on the case of Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr., United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) interim president Rep. Tobias Tiangco said on Tuesday.


Tiangco explained that Cayetano, who has openly criticized Vice President Jejomar Binay and his family, has lost his moral authority to be part of the deliberations.

“Sen. Cayetano’s independence is clearly in question here. If he still has some delicadeza [sense of propriety]left in his blood, prudence dictates that he should inhibit from the deliberations on the rules covering the Blue ribbon committee simply because he is one of the attack dogs [of the Aquino administration]and has prejudged the issues,” he noted.

The Navotas City (Metro Manila) legislator said Cayetano can show good faith by not taking part in the scheduled deliberations.

On Monday, Senate blue ribbon sub-committee chairman Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd recommended to the blue ribbon panel that several Makati City officials be cited for contempt.

When the issue of quorum was raised, however, the Senate deferred the serving of the arrest warrant and the detention of Mayor Binay.

Some senators cited a provision of Section 18 in the Senate rules stating that “a majority of all the members of the committee may, however, reverse or modify the aforesaid order of the contempt within seven days.”

Senate President Franklin Drilon referred the matter to the committee on rules, which is headed by Cayetano.

Tiangco said Cayetano should inhibit himself even if is the panel head.

“He said in his statement that he has prepared a memo. Mukhang baligtad yata dahil sa committee, mag-meet muna yung committee bago gumawa ng report. Pero kapag ang issue ay si Mayor Binay, sinosolo ng chairman ng rules [committee]ang paggawa ng memo [There is something amiss here because the committee has to meet first before coming up with a report. But if the issue is Mayor Binay, Cayetano, the chairman of the rules panel, does away with the meeting and makes the memorandum himself],” he added.

“And besides, why is he so eager to have Mayor Binay arrested when even the Senate president raised questions on the validity of the sub-committee’s action to cite the mayor and five others for contempt and arrest them?” Tiangco said.


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  1. Sen. Cayetano should continue with his mandate of ferriting out anomalies. His bias is not the issue here but the alleged corruption of Binay.

  2. I dont know weather or not he should be inhibitted from the case but i would hope whatever his beliefs that he is fair but firm. One thing i did notice that Tiangco said why is he so eager to have binay arrested . Well thats very simple he has been subpoenaed to appear before the senate blue ribbon & he has refused to attend. Now if the rules state that by refusing to appear once subpoenaed that you will be arrested then that is why. Plus he has been given chance after chance to appear but has always refused. Now if you or i were in the same boat we would be arrested, why is he different. Surely the laws apply to him as it does to us. Does he think he is above the law, that his office is more important than their office. He has grown up living a live of privilege & he thinks he is so important he can do what he wants. Lock him up in a proper jail until he does the right thing. All he has to do is attend & truthfully answer the questions. So what if they treat him a little rough, does he want to be pampered with a powder puff or something. Its politics & politics is sometimes a little rough.

  3. toby tiongo should not make and suggestion or insist his bias for the binays.
    karapatan nang mga pilipino na sugpuin ang mga katiwalian at pagnanakaw nang kahit na sinuman.
    si enrile,estrada,at ang anak ni nardong putik wanna-be ay nakakulong na pandarambong.
    ang kinabukasan nang bansa,mahihirap,mga kabataan,ang unang unang dapat isa-isip nang pilipino kunga talagang pilipino ka at kung talagang mahal mo ang ating bayan.
    kung babanat ka lang nang bias journalism na hindi mo isina-sang-alang alang ang kapakanan nang mamamayan(at least 70-80% nang mga pilipinong mapeperhuwisyo dahil lamang sa iyung bias na panini-wala o baka bayaran ka lang nang mga binay o nakikinabang ka sa mga masasamang gawain na gaya nang mga mandurugas sa gobyerno mas mabuti maging patas ka man lamang sa pagtuligsa.
    kapag tinahak mo o ninyung mga press na wal kayung pakialam sa kahihitnatnan nang ating bayan at kapakanan nang mga kabataan sa matuwid eh in one shape or form sisingilin ka nang diyos na lumikha sa ating lahat.