Cayetano, Pimentel and Trillanes ignore the poor

Emeterio Sd. Perez

Emeterio Sd. Perez

A READER of The Manila Times who identified himself as Carlo Adan commented on my November 10 column entitled ‘Understanding the numbers in filings’: “Nakakaiyak po,” he wrote, referring to my last paragraph.


It was not my intention to make you cry, Carlo. Rather, it was to send the message that the poor Filipinos, especially the poorest of the poor, may be feeling deprived again this Christmas as they have felt the past years.

If there are today more than 12 million of them, and the numbers are still rising, they should blame the uncaring politicians who enjoy their luxury meals even more than three times a day plus an extra midnight snack if they don’t go to bed early because they are surveying the happy-hour avenues in search of ways to better serve their constituents there.

Like the poor and the very poor, I know how it feels every time prices of basic goods go up. That is frustrating because any increase affects the family budget. For instance, I regularly monitor the price of rice, which, as of Saturday last week was being retailed at P59 per kilo, compared with P40 some months ago. If the trend continues, those who are classified by the government in its population count as very poor and living below the poverty line, may end up eating only twice a day to be able to survive until Christmas.

No. I am not trying to paint a bleak future for the poor. Rather, I am stating an observation that legislators normally forget about them as consumers and remember them only during election years as voters. This year, which is not an election year, they are most likely enjoying their best time not necessarily as lawmakers but as big spenders of public funds. Apparently, they have adopted the slogan “ignore voters today, win them over later.” In Tagalog: Madaling lokohin ang mahirap [It is easy to fool the poor.]

Look at how Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, soldier turned rebel, typecast a poor Filipino as “asal mahirap and kulay mahirap.” The two adjectives were what Filipino voters got from him in return for sending him to the Senate. What a paradox!

Trillanes is only one of a triumvirate widely perceived to use people’s money to promote their ambition to get elected to higher office. The two others are Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano and Aquilino Pimentel 3rd. Try “googling” the name Cayetano. You will enjoy reading the entries about the family and conclude that with government resources at their disposal, the best of their world is in the Senate.

As for Pimentel, he must be the pride of his father. Imagine him, so young and already able to project himself as a fighting legislator. The young Pimentel, by trying hard to be noticed, has finally arrived.

Why do I focus on these three senators? I am grateful to my reader, Carlo, for providing the answer when he commented on Due Diligencer’s previous item. He said it all when he wrote “nakakaiyak po” in reacting to that particular column which I ended with this paragraph “Meanwhile, the very poor Filipinos who do not qualify to own credit cards have only the loan sharks to turn to for their holiday spending.”

Do Cayetano, Trillanes and Pimentel ever think of the living conditions of more than 12 million Filipinos and consider how they could help improve their lives through legislating the appropriate laws that would benefit this sector of our society? Of course, the politicians are ignoring them now because it’s not yet election time, although Cayetano has this early been promoting himself in TV ads using pork barrel money. That’s what I would call ‘early speculative investing’ if there was such a phrase in stock market lingo.

Here is a test to determine whether Cayetano and his two partners in the Senate’s triumvirate are truly for the people. Would they support the farmers of Hacienda Luisita in their struggle to get the farms distributed to them as the Supreme Court has so ruled? The tenants would certainly celebrate if they won these honorable senators over to their side.

Meanwhile, there is one good thing that can be said about Cayetano, Trillanes and Pimentel: they should be admired for not quoting Bible verses to defend themselves from criticisms. After all, they should know that reading the Bible in itself does not save sinners; repentance does.


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  1. Corrupt senators such as the 3 Stooges, as you call them are not worthy of accusing somebody as well. Senate hearing are just waste of money, time and respect. Pointing of fourth fingers (Hintuturo) to a corrupt man is pointing 4 fingers to yourself. Pls. so many bills to that will be advantageous to Filipino are badly needed to be passed by Senate. What have you done last year, One (1) bill was approved only, NO SK Election for 2013. Shame on you legislators esp. the daang matuwid

  2. I just wish you have done your home work before you wrote.
    I am not for the 3 Senators but I do believe they are doing their job so no one will do what the Binays have done.

    It is sad that, the Filipinos still voted Marcoses,Estradas, Revillas and Binays.
    The list can go on.

    Or did this people won because they paid the voters with the money they had pocketed?

    I know someone from Cavite who gave me an inside information about how and what the Revillas do during election time.

  3. Mr. Emeterio Perez, you must be a “dummy”. Aren’t you glad that these senators exposed the biggest “allege” corruption in the history of the Republic. This one dwarfs the Marcos regime’s loot. I don’t side with anyone on this issue but how can a young Mayor from Makati with all his mature life working as a public servant afford a house with an elevator? Why would you put your mark (B) on government properties? I would like to hear those explanations. The Binay family’s character is questionable at most, yes the whole clan. On with the probe and more power to you Senators.

  4. Why blame just the 3 stooges as you call them, educate the and mobilized the poor to look into the politicians that could elevate their lives, wipe the belief in their thinking of I was born poor and i’ll die poor. voting for their movie actors heroes don’t translate to a better politicians in real life, its only in the movies.
    Growing up in early 50’s ghost employees already in vogue, I didn’t benefit on it because I was not connected, and now still in the system and nobody is stopping it.
    Now that I’m back to the phil after 55 years, I see nothing change as far as corruption is concern, I’m hoping for the country what the the 3 stooges are doing would make a dent to the runaway bus to slow it down.

    • Bob. You hit the nail on the head. Educating the poor how to vote should start from the media/press people. Instead of blaming the 3 Senators who are doing their job.

  5. The issue is not ignoring the poor. The real issue is we have a VP who may one day become President who needs to be investigated for alleged wrong doing or corruption. We can’t sweep these important issues under the rag.Let’s get to the bottom of this issue.

  6. Mga legislators sa atin especially senators naging sycophants na lamang.They dont care about the poor or rising prices of basic commodities hindi naman sila apektado.None of them is vocal dahil wala talaga sa kanilang makabayan or maka-mahirap.Dapat talaga siguro buwagin na yang constitution na yan na puros corruption,kayabangan ng mga politiko at kahirapan lang dulot.Charter change gaya ng panukala ng mga bishops na NTC.

  7. Just turn off your TV when news about these three monkey instigators, specially TRILLANES…his looks is untrustworthy. Did you notice the supposed table of VP Binay what was written “Vice President, then below it “former Mayor of Makati” I think Binay is with the side of the Lord when he declined the Invitation. Did Guingona not notice that either…Shame on him…Did you want to sit on a table with a humiliating

    • What’s wrong with the titles? They are true. He is the current VP and he was the former Mayor of Makati. How could it be humiliating? Except, of course, he now feels humiliation being a VP and a former mayor. Certainly, truth hurts.

  8. Bert O. Romero on

    Ang tatlo bang senador ang nagnakaw ng yaman ng Makati? Bakit sila ang sinisisi? Talagang mapapaiyak ka sa inis.

  9. Einstein opined that doing repeatedly same action and expecting a different result is insanity.
    I was once a University belt student in my teens. The common scenario then was traffic congestion and floods. For sure it is happening all over the Philippines. Now, I am more than sixty years old and unfortunately has gotten worst.
    Obviously, there is mismanagement. Elected officials repeatedly instituted short term fix instead of solutions that will benefit the future generations. Worse, they place a reasonable restriction on the desire to aggrandize themselves
    The battle cry of the administration is “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap. President Aquino’s quest for the upliftment or betterment of his people is without a doubt. Detractors, or anybody who does not conform to the ” daan matuwid ” is remove from office or faces incarceration.
    Based on my observation, this is the only administration that has the strongest political will to make a difference. By discouraging the investigation of VP Binay by Senators’ Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel help him in his route to “DAANG MATUWID”? Or will he ignore A. Einstein’s belief that repeated action and expecting a different result is insanity?
    GOD help us!

  10. Roldan Guerrero on

    Kudos Mr. Emiterio Perez. Your topic is concise but very interesting to learn. It will serve as an imperative guideline for selecting future senators of this country. An opposition spokesperson qouted the other day that the Blue Ribbon Committee is spending 50M per hearing in their FISHING EXPEDITION. I hope it would be very interesting if you will dig-on the real truth about this. Thank you very much Mr. Peres, more power to you and your pen!

  11. Tama po. Magsisi tayo kung tayo ay may nagawang kasalanan at humingi ng tawad at isa pang pagkaka-taon na magbago. Pagpapatawad and dapat gawin natin at pagkakumbaba sa bawat isa.

  12. Kasuhan na lang si Binay sa proper court kapag may sapat na ebidensiya.Nakaiinis na kasi yang
    Grandstanding at Publicity stunt na ginagawa ng 3 Stooges. Maraming
    Importanteng bills nakatinga di ba yan ang trabaho nila. Bakit hanggang ngayon di aksiyunan
    ang Freedom of Information bill?
    Natatakot ba sila na mabunyag
    ang mga anomalyang ginagawa
    at gagawin pa? Mahiya naman

  13. The 3 stooges do not care for the poor. Nor do they care what the middle class think of them. They only know that they have tapped into the taxpayers money to use on political ads in the form of an investigation.

  14. Never mind if they ever think of the poor filipino what about those getting cught stealing billions of pesos from the government do you think they ever think of the poor filipino. Do you think even the majority of filipinos who have half decent jobs ever think of the poor filipino. How often do you see any of them complaining about haveing to pay to get a job ( barangay clearance, police clearance, medical exam ) why all the charges just to get a job. Then look at all supermarket workers in this country, not a single one of them is employed by the supermarket but by agencies & why, so the supermarkets doesnt have to pay benefits to these people, they will never get a pension because at 27 they are to old to work there, do any of you ever complain about these things nop never. Im writing about them every single day on here. There should be a revolution by the people, they should stand up & do something about this, its very easy but it takes a lot of courage.

    • Waste of time, money and trust to the government. These are products of this Senate hearing. These 3 stooges as u call them are also corrupt senators. Pls,,, just do your job, as mentioned above, there are many laws of the Constitution that should be changed or amended bakit di ituon ang oras at panahon sa mga pagpasa ng mahalagang bill which will be advantageous to Filipinos. You three are untrustworthy and do not have right to accuse a corrupt man, just like you. There is a saying, Tanggalin mo muna ang tahilan sa iyung mga mata bago mo tinggnan ang sa iba. Pointing others w/ your 4th fingers, (Hintuturo),,, your 4 fingers point to yourself

  15. Please continue to write the way you do. Thank you for your unique service to our nation by analyzing the corporations and the performance of their shares in the stock market–and for having your heart where it is: on the side of the poor.
    We want a strong Philippines. This means not only financially strong in terms of the GDP but also developmentally strong in terms of a healthy and prosperous general population.
    But the last-mentioned can only come about when social injustice is drastically reduced in our Elite-controled state.

  16. There you go again, barking on the wrong tree. I thought proclaiming your self as a true “Due Diligencer” you have done your home work . The three senators you mentioned are anti poor because they are conducting the hearing of your favorite VP for corruptions? Look at your favorite politicians that professes to high heavens that they are pro poor with the likes of the Estradas and the Binays. Why is it there are still a lot of poor people in Makati and San Juan? They are for the poor because they pack a kilo of rice, noodles and can of sardines and distribute it on the slum area during their birthdays, is this this kind of politicians that are pro poor in your dictionary?

  17. Agree, imbes na gumawa ng mga bills para sa mga mahihirap itong 3 senador, Trillanes, Cayetano at Pimentel, paulit ulit at kay tagal nang pagimbesta at sobrang concentration kay Binay na kapwa nila corrupt.
    Tama na kasuhan kung kasuhan pero nakakaumay na.

  18. Amen…. pagsisisi talaga ang makapagpapatawad sa atin at makapagliligtas, pagsisisi sa kasalanan lamang.