• Cayetano tells Goldberg: Nothing fishy in China trip


    SENATOR Alan Peter Cayetano on Friday laughed off the claim of outgoing US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg that he and Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade made an unpublicized trip to China in June.

    Speaking to reporters in Malacañang, Cayetano said there was nothing “fishy” or “malicious” about the trip he made to China.

    “Is this an admission now that they are spying on us, on a Cabinet member and on a member of the Senate? Is
    there anything wrong, malicious of me going to anywhere, to China?” Cayetano said in a news conference.

    Cayetano, however, did not explain why he was in China last June. He said he would make a report to the Senate “at the right time.”

    “The President does not tell people to go. And as I said I report at the Senate at the right time. I went to the US the year before. As all of you know I aspired for higher office before. And for me to fully understand international relations I went to the US last year June also,” he said.

    “As a senator, I can meet my counterparts, I can travel. There is such a thing as interparliamentary relations,” Cayetano added.

    Cayetano was President Rodrigo Duterte’s running mate in the May 9 elections. He lost to Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo.

    Duterte had said Cayetano would be appointed secretary of Foreign Affairs when the one-year ban on appointing losing election candidates expires.

    Goldberg, who is set to end his three-year stint as US ambassador to Manila, earlier told the ABS-CBN News Channel he was not surprised that the Philippines secured an estimated $24 billion in investment and loan pledges after Duterte’s state visit to China.

    He noted that before Duterte’s state visit, Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua and Chinese businessmen made frequent visits to Duterte last June.

    Zhao first visited Duterte in May, when he delivered to the President a letter from Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Zhao visited the President again less than a month later.

    “I actually wasn’t all that surprised. I do know that the Chinese ambassador and others in the Chinese business community were visiting [then]President-elect Duterte quite often in the month of June,” Goldberg said.

    “I also know, and I don’t think this has been revealed publicly, but I know, that Senator Cayetano, President Duterte’s running mate, made an unpublicized trip to China in June along with Secretary [Arthur] Tugade,” he added.

    Tugade has denied Goldberg claims, saying: “If it is true that Ambassador Goldberg said that, then the fabled American ‘intelligence network’ has miserably failed again. Tsismis ‘yan! [That’s gossip!] I was never in Beijing in June! Want proof? You can always examine my passport any time,” Tugade said.

    Cayetano and Tugade joined Duterte in his state visit to China from October 18 to 21.

    Diplomatic protest

    Cayetano said his frustration with Goldberg led him to ask Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. to “protest” the actions of the US envoy.

    “I’m writing a letter to Secretary Yasay, I informed him yesterday to complain and to protest the actions of Ambassador Goldberg,” he said.

    Cayetano also blasted Goldberg for spreading rumors.

    “What business does the US ambassador or any ambassador have, monitoring trips or criticizing whether they are unpublicized or publicized? Is the US ambassador engaged in tsismis [rumors]and rumor-mongering, and in false information?” he asked.


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    1. That is why they have their Central Intelligence Agency to check what the heck is happening with our country. Do not worry, they are leaving our country soon. Just check the Central Bank report of outgoing dollars withdrawn . That is the reason for our peso devaluation. Senator Cayetano, do not appear that you do not know you are being monitored by the CIA. There is nothing wrong with your trip and there is nothing wrong being monitored. Each of you have a job. To check each other.

    2. Why don’t you or President Duterte just tell the United States to close their embassy and move out. Please take all your troops with you. Then China can move into a nice comfortable setting. You and China and Russia can talk all day long. They will fix all your problems. You don’t need the United States, Europe or the UN..

    3. yes, the US ambassador has the responsibility to monitor everything, including the trips of all the politicians that matter. the US embassy, in particular, has the responsibility to do everything to keep the Philippines on a leash.

      • Well, the trip was a precursor to Du30’s trip to China that brought the firm who will build a harbor in Davao. This firm is banned, I repeat banned by World Bank for its unscrupulous deal making and is responsible for building the island fortress of stolen island Mischief Reef and Subi Reef.
        There is more to this under the table behind the back deal making by corrupt Cayetano and Tugade.
        Wow, they have the gall to complain because Goldberg exposed their secret trip. It may not be Du30 but its people surrounding him is the ones starting the corruption rolling.

      • No they don’t! The US Embassy in the Philippines are there for their citizens but are not supposed to interfere with the Country they are in. Like the Philippines Embassy any where in the world, they are in those country for their citizens!