Cayetano, Trillanes clash

    Sen. Leila de Lima (center) standing between feuding colleagues Antonio Trillanes 4th (left) and Alan Peter Cayetano (right) during the Senate probe into summary killings on Thursday.

    Sen. Leila de Lima (center) standing between feuding colleagues Antonio Trillanes 4th (left) and Alan Peter Cayetano (right) during the Senate probe into summary killings on Thursday.

    SENATOR Alan Peter Cayetano clashed with his colleagues as he grilled the “surprise witness” who linked President Rodrigo Duterte to summary killings in Thursday’s hearing of the Senate justice and human rights committee.

    Cayetano, a staunch supporter of Duterte, raised the possibility that the testimony of the supposed ex-Davao Death Squad member was part of a plot of the erstwhile ruling Liberal Party to oust the President and install Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo in Malacañang.

    Cayetano’s bid to downplay the testimony of Edgar Matobato led him to a verbal tussle with senators Leila de Lima and Antonio Trillanes 4th during the resumption of the Senate investigation on extrajudicial killings.
    De Lima, head of the Senate committee, tried to stop Cayetano in his line of questioning and for consuming more than the allotted 10 minutes per senator to interrogate, but Cayetano argued that he should be allowed to “use his time.”

    “I am not abusing my time, I am using my time,” Cayetano said when de Lima asked him to stop.
    He also urged Matobato to name the person who asked him to testify before the Senate. But the witness declined to mention a name, saying he was concerned about the person’s safety.

    Cayetano, Duterte’s running mate in the May elections, expressed his frustration over the committee’s failure to provide senators with a list of witnesses prior to the hearing, and for releasing supposedly misleading data on the number of deaths being linked to the Duterte administration.

    Trillanes sought to declare Cayetano out of order for consuming more time than other senators while asking questions, noting that he was not even a member of the committee. At one point, Trillanes turned off Cayetano’s microphone when the latter would not stop talking.

    Trillanes reminded his colleague that each member of the committee was given 10 minutes to question the witness but Cayetano talked for “more than one hour already.”

    “I’d just like to inquire if there’s an ‘unli’ (unlimited) questioning allotted for a non-member of the committee? I believe we gave him more than an hour of a leeway for a non-member,” Trillanes said of Cayetano.

    Cayetano and Trillanes argued until de Lima called for a two-minute break. De Lima called Cayetano out of order after he refused to be stopped from speaking.

    Cayetano later complained that Trillanes was trash-talking to him, and to try to resolve the issue, de Lima asked Trillanes to transfer to another seat. It was Cayetano who moved to another seat, however.

    ‘100-percent lies’

    In an interview with reporters, Cayetano described Matobato’s testimony as “100 percent lies.”

    He said the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) had denied the existence of the death squad after it conducted public hearings in Davao, and that it even requested the Ombudsman to investigate the cases.
    The final decision of the Office of the Ombudsman showed that “no evidence was gathered to support the killings attributed or attributable to the [death squad],” Cayetano said.

    He noted that Matobato, who had been under the Justice department’s Witness Protection Program since 2014, had a proximity to de Lima, back when she was still Justice secretary.

    Members of the Liberal Party including de Lima and Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th have previously denied any plan to oust the President through impeachment.

    Robredo issued a statement saying the Liberal Party was offended by Cayetano’s claims. (See story on A3).

    Robredo to benefit?

    Cayetano asked Matobato if he knew who would benefit if the President was removed from office, but the witness was unable to respond immediately.

    The senator noted that the witness could remember the names of persons who took part in the alleged summary executions that happened several years ago in Davao City, but could not even mention the name of the vice president.

    “I’m asking about your (de Lima) motive, and the motive of your party in this hearing … I am testing whether (the witness is credible) or is this part of the Plan B of the Liberal Party to reclaim Malacañang,” Cayetano told de Lima.

    Trillanes, in an interview after the hearing, said Cayetano should not claim politics as the motivation behind the allegations against the President.

    “It’s very convenient to call everything as politically motivated, that is the refuge sometimes of the guilty,” he added.

    Asked about the exchanges he had with Cayetano during the break, Trillanes said those were minor arguments better kept to themselves.


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    1. Why Cayeta o is making ajudgement about this witnes when the purpose is to investigate only?The true color is coming out from Cayeta o and the DU30 boys in the senate.Bukas nyo ang mata, i dont favor the yellows but looking at happenings in our coutnry since DU:0 step in, we became a sick man of asia again.

      • 1000 kill alone .pati pagtae ni du30 ay alam kung anong oras, natapos ay grade 1 pero nakapasok na dds at marunong magbasa..dapat bang paniwalaan ang nagsisinungaling para lang palitan ni lugaw si du30 at makawala si pnoy sa smuggling suite

      • Have you also noticed that when the “witness” was cornered by the questions of Sen. Cayetano , the Chairperson (who is suppose to be NEUTRAL and NOT TO INTERRUPT Sen.Cayetano’s questioning)
        was always ever-ready to rescue the “witness” ?

        Is it right for Sen. Trillanes to declare Sen. Cayetano to be “Out of Order” in questioning the credibility of the “witness” ?

        In my opinion , the Philippines is now fast recovering from its sickness because the VIRUSES in the GOVERNMENT are already being pricked out from the system … thanks to the unyielding determination of Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte to make our Country the PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEAS once again .

    2. Oh! The lawmaker and lawbreaker, Trillanes again. The consistent fabricator of truth. Your time in the senate will come. The electorate now know your true color.

    3. Senator Trillanes has no business in butting in when Senator Cateyano was questioning the witness Matobato to determine if he is lying or not. If Trillanes really wanted to ferret out the truth he should have not injected himself in the picture. Ang tawag diyan ay sumaklolo sa isang witness na halatang nagsisinukaling. Ang tanong ” sino ang nagdala sa iinyo dito sa hearing na ito” Sagot “Wala po”. Kung wala, how did you know that there is a hearing in this Hall regarding extrajudicial hearing and the time that will be held. Ang sagot ” wala po” So, pumunta ka dito sa sariling mong pagkukusa” Ang sagot ” Opo” . Wow! At isa pa. From Davao siya ay napadpad sa San Fabian. Pangasinan at tumira sa isang Catholic church doon dahil isang pari ang nagmalasakit na ng took care sa kanya.
      Ang tanong” bakit ka napadpad doon” Hindi ito nasagot dahil pumasok na si Trillanes, ang pang-gulo, at si De Lima upang ang witness ay maisalba. Ang extrajudicial hearing ay very politically partisan. Hindi ang welfare ng mga taong bayan ang kanilang purpose dito kundi ang kanilang political mileage sa mga citizenry ng P.I, Si Trillanes, De Lima, Honteveros, B. Aguino, Drillon, Recto, ay mga pawang opportunists. Sayang ang pera ng taong bayan na ibinabayad sa kanila. Bakit hindi nila pagtuunan ng kanilang resources ang mga kababayan nilang walang trabajo at bahay.

    4. It is very clear that the witness is under the secret custody of De Lima and Trillanes and is truly intended to besmirch the good name of our beloved President Digong who is very popular among his supporters who valued his relentless campaign against illegal drugs to weed out criminality caused mostly under the influence of illegal drugs. De Lima who is accused of being a drug protector is behind in the surprise appearance of the witness whose presence was intended to malign the good name of our President Duterte.

    5. I agree with Mario here. Matobato was under witness protection program of DOJ for at least 2 years now why only come out now? Why not before when Duterte was only a mayor of Davao? At that time as mayor he would have been an easier target. something fishy going on here. Does Matobato have concrete evidence? Anyone from the street could say the things this Matobato had been saying.

      • Ni replay lang yung biglang lumamang sa survey si du30 ,biglang may hidden wealth sa BPI gawa ni trillanes..lumang tugtugin na yan,,replay..hindi raw magkakilala sabi ng witness,nito ay umamin si trillanes na nagkita sila at dinala siya sa senate hearing..

    6. George F Guillermo on

      The over all impact of the Senate investigation is the destruction of the credibility, ability and leadership of President Duterte to effectively govern and lead the country towards eliminating/solving the widespread illegal drug problem, criminality, graft and corruption, incompetent government officials, anti-people government policies and rules, etc. It will surely undermine the President’s efforts to institute the reforms, policies and programs (” mga pagbabago”) very much needed by the country. In short, “back to zero” or tulad pa rin ng dati naman tayo kung walang mangyayari sa mga magagandang plano ng Duterte Administration. We as a people and as a whole, will suffer the consequences, except of course for those people/individuals who do not like President Duterte to succeed especially for those directly and negatively affected by the very programs or “pagbabago” this Administration are implementing.

      There are two factors or truth that we should and must consider re alleged criminal acts of Pres. Duterte that were committed during or when he was still a City Mayor of Davao City.

      Assuming those alleged criminal acts were true, as a President, DU30 is immune from suit within the 6 years period that he was elected by the people. The wisdom of this Constitutional immunity from suit is to protect the President or Office of the President from “disturbances that will divide his attention or focus to the country rather to himself”.

      The other truth is that President Duterte is publicly known as “‘The Punisher” or he is allegedly behind the “DDS” or Davao Death Squad and even one of the issues raised against DU30 during the election period, yet despite such issue against him, majority of the people elected him as President because it is in fact a “plus factor or strong points for DU30 to be known as the “Punisher”. Thus, jn summary, by being voted as President the Filipino people indirectly condoned or exonerated DU30 of his alleged criminal acts during his incumbency as City Mayor of Davao.

      In view of the foregoing considerations and the very much urgent “Pagbabago” our country needs, the Senate should instead focus all their intellectual energies and financial resources (which all come from the “hard-earned taxes of the people) in supporting and/or crafting the much needed legal and policies for the efficient, effective and sustainable implementation of plans, programs and projects of the Duterte Administration for the long term benefits of the country.

    7. My big question here is ??????? why only now?????. What is the purpose of De Lima????
      She was the Justice Minister before and this guy was under Witness Protection Program under De Lima’s care. Why she didn’t do anything before? So therefore she is useless. I don’t understand why she was voted as Senator? For me it sound stupid to have this senate hearing to continue. This is just a waste of taxpayer’s money. For senators out there we need you to enact laws that will benefit all Filipinos and not for own benefit. For De Lima and Trillanes nakakahiya kayo. Ang hirap lang kasi ating mga Filipino hindi tayo tumatanggap ng pagkatalo. AT sino ngayon ang talo? Ang mga ordinaring mamamayang Filipino.

      • They still believe on trillanes demolition expertise.. remember .Trillanes and Roxas tandem to destroy DU30 during last minute before the election. It comes out that all allegations are only a JOKE.
        When Mar Roxas in desperate to destroy du30 said that he knows in davao where to by heroin and he can come with you where to buy..Don’t tell us he is only JOKING. I will not vote to a Joker
        Well the past administration is a showbiz government and the word JOKE is for entertainments

    8. To all voting Pilipinos, let us not vote for Senator Cayetano in the next election. He is making a mockery of the senate hearings. This guy is very disrespectful and very annoying. I do not like Senator DeLima and the liberal party but in fairiness, they are not disrespectful like Cayetano.

      • Looks like you have a problem with understanding things. It Trillanes who is arrogant and disrespectful and it is DeLima who is a liar and immoral, presenting witnesses who don’t have credibility and obviously lying. Try to watch again the hearings for better understanding

      • Hep, hep, hep… Am not a supporter of Cayetano but in this situation it is the FAULT OF TRILLANES AND D5!

        Don’t be bias!

        Witness’ testimonies are ALL GARBAGES & LIES!


      • Cayetano tries to appear strong but acted like a little kid when interviewed by Christiane Amanpour of CNN. He had a major inferiority complex when responding to questions by Amanpour that it was sad to see for someone who holds a senatorial title. Basang sisiw!

      • Open your eyes to the max. Clearly you are blinded from the truth. Do you even understand what is happening? Dilemna, Trillanes brought this liar to the senate to try to buy time and save their ass from facing jail for crimes being committed, these self-serving traitors!to their countrymen. They have no shame sitting in the senate and getting salaries paid by the filipinos. Do you think these scums care for you? Wake up! Or someday you’ll find yourself in the cleaners!

    9. Senator T is asking not as liberal politician because he is not but as a wise senator who realized Senator C is abusing his privilege and is doing it for purely partisan reason. I admire Senator T for his guts and his principle and I loath what Senator C is doing, he is an embarrassment to the nation.

      • Trillanes is the author of the witness..He can provide your hidden account weather u like it or not
        He is Boy xbox demolition DDS squad…U start questioning that youre taxes was wasted to this kind on senator rubbish

    10. The witness was under Witness Protection Program for three years under De Lima when she was DOJ Sec. Why did he not come out and accuse Duterte then and only now? Also, LP and the anti-Duterte attack dogs denied using and coaching the witness to destroy Duterte, but when the witness got out of the senate building he was seen entering an SUV owned by Trlllanes.

    11. Forget about the clash which is just another way of deflecting on the issue. It just gets in the way of the truth. Get to the heart of the matter…

    12. Extra ordinary action of Trillanes behaves like infantile not normal in a civilized world……That is contempt of senatorial proceeding………he is the first who do it in the History of respectable House of senate myb friends said Nababoy…….