CBCP advises Kris on stem cell treatment


An official of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Wednesday advised actress Kristina Bernadette “Kris” Aquino to select the best ethical stem cell treatment for her eldest son, Joshua.

Kris Aquino is the youngest sister of President Benigno Aquino 3rd. She made waves recently when it was revealed that she was the country’s number one taxpayer.

CBCP–Episcopal Commission on Bioethics Chairman Bishop Jose Oliveros said the Catholic Church doesn’t oppose the idea of the treatment providing it is done morally.

“It depends on what kind of stem cells will be used and for what purpose. Morally speaking, only adult stem cells are allowed for therapeutic reasons,” the prelate expressed.

On Tuesday, Aquino said she is willing to let Joshua, whom she described as a special child, to undergo stem cell treatment in Singapore.

Aquino’s son with actor Philip Salvador is set to have a physical examination on Wednesday to test if he is suitable to undertake the procedure.
Oliveros said the Church is not against the use of adult stem cells since the source is not subjected to any harm.

“Embryonic stem cells are taken from human embryos. It’s tantamount to killing an already living human being, hence immoral,” the Malolos bishop explained.

Stem cell therapy is a type of intervention strategy that introduces new stem cells into damaged tissue to treat disease and injury and also for cosmetic enhancements.


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