• CBCP: No to condoms on Valentine’s Day


    TWO days before Valentine’s Day, an official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) appealed to pro-Reproductive Health (RH) bill supporters to respect the teachings of the Catholic Church and not to distribute condoms.

    Fr. Melvin Castro, CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Family and Life executive secretary said that the RH supporters are offending the Church people who are against contraception by publicly distributing it especially condoms.

    “They [pro-RH] should not disrespect the Catholic Church and our beliefs. The problem there is that they are giving contraceptives anywhere, it is offending, especially to those who oppose it,” he said.

    “We appeal to them that if you want respect, then show us respect. They want to show in a reasonable way that giving contraceptives is right but at the same time profess to respect the Catholic teachings, which does not believe in contraceptives,” he said.

    He added that distributing and using condoms are immoral, and that the “pro-RH groups should respect this.”

    He said the use of condoms and other forms of contraception have triggered an increased number of pre-marital sex cases and human immunodeficiency virus-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV-AIDs) cases in the country.

    The 2013 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study (YAFS 4) the University of the Philippines Population Institute and the Demographic Research and Development Foundation Inc. studies revealed that one in every three youth aged 15 to 24 years old has engaged in premarital sex.

    When the second YAFS was conducted, the number increased further by more than 14 percent from almost 20 years ago.

    This translates to about 6.2 million youth who have engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage, UPPI’s Maria Paz Marquez said.

    In January 2013, the Department of Health reported 10,514 cases of HIV-AIDs.


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