• CBCP: Pray the rosary with ‘more devotion’


    As Catholic devotees celebrate the month of the Most Holy Rosary, a Catholic educator on Sunday reminded the faithful about “ten ways to pray the rosary with more devotion.”

    In an article in CBCP News, Raul Nidoy, Director for Formation of the Parents for Education Foundation (PAREF), said the 10 ways of prayer were inspired by Saint John Paul 2nd, whom he described as “one of the greatest Popes of all time.”

    Nidoy, who holds a doctorate in Theology, added that the Catholic devotees learn the 10 ways of praying the rosary as taught by Saint John Paul 2nd because “training in holiness [was John Paul’s]highest priority.”

    “The most effective way to say a prayer is through the rosary,” he said.

    Nidoy listed down the 10 ways of praying the rosary the way Saint John Paul 2nd did it: Do not just recite the Rosary;

    Contemplate the life of Jesus with the heart of Mary while praying;

    Aim at becoming friends with Christ, learn his life, and become one with him;

    Meditate on each of the mysteries;

    Announce each mystery and use an icon to portray it;

    After the announcement, read a related Biblical passage;

    Pause for a few seconds after the announcement and reading to focus attention on the mystery;

    Lift your heart to God the Father during the Our Father;

    Remember that in the Hail Mary is the center of the prayer is Jesus;

    Give importance to the Glory Be, because giving glory to the Trinity is the goal and high point of contemplation;

    The formation director urged the faithful to pray to improve their daily life.

    According to Nidoy, prayer through the rosary is important because “a Christian life distinguishes above all in ‘the art of prayer.’”



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