CBCP prays for healing


THE head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Sunday offered prayers for healing and peace amid the controversial issues rocking the country such as killings spurred by the government’s campaign against illegal drugs.

CBCP president and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas prayed for Divine intervention on the eve of the Senate investigation on extrajudicial killings called by Senator Leila de Lima, who President Rodrigo Duterte had also linked to illegal drugs.

“Father of endless mercy, we come to you, a people wounded and torn by issues that have divided us into opposing, bickering, quarreling and even hating factions,” Villegas prayed. The prayer was posted on his Facebook account.

“We beg you for unity; we ask for healing; we beseech you to forgive our sins and restore to our land the joy and the peace that you alone can give.”

De Lima apparently earned Duterte’s ire because she accused him of being behind the Davao Death Squad when she was the chairman of the Commission on Human Rights.

The senator, who heads the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, filed a resolution seeking an investigation of the drug killings.

The President stepped up his attack on de Lima last week when he accused her of immorality for having an illicit relationship with her former driver and bodyguard.

Villegas, Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo and Fr. Atillano Fajardo of Manila archdiocese’s Public Affairs Ministry have expressed support to the Senate inquiry.

Villegas earlier said the drug-related killings “is too much to swallow.”

“I do not have to be a bishop to say this. I do not have to be a Catholic to be disturbed by the killings that jar us every time we hear or watch or read the news,” Villegas earlier said in a statement entitled, “Let the Humanity in Us Speak.”

“My humanity is in grief. I am in utter disbelief… This is too much to swallow,” he said.


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  1. Villegas truly lives out of this world, it’s ok to go against Duterte! But let me ask you this ; what anout the victims of drug addicts and drug pushers? You want to stop the senseless deaths but did CBCP did anything to address the growing illegal drug problem? My suggestion to you is this ; why don’t you as CBCP president harness the enormous resources of the church, identify the drug addicts in each of the parishes and voluntarily surrender them and make arrangements for their rehabilitation! Do something , words and prayers are not enough! Make your presence felt by helping the government eradicate drug addiction! The church as an institution have made its presence felt in the 2 EDSAs!