CBCP president should stop sounding like PNoy spokesmen


WE who write most of the editorials in this space have never before written for publication a criticism of a priest or a bishop’s person, action or decision. This is because we struggle hard to do only acts that pass the strictest test of rectitude of intention. We do not write anything for publication unless we have brought the matter to Our Lord in solemn mental prayer. We only do what we believe He has given us to discern in our conscience during our meditation.

It pains us to write this editorial.

Yesterday’s CBCP News online carried the headline story “PNoy’s resignation ‘more urgent’—religious leaders.” The author of the report is Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News.

Here are some of the paragraphs of the report:

“MANILA, Feb. 14, 2015—A group of religious leaders from the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations, has renewed its call for the resignation of President Benigno S. Aquino III, implying that the ‘Mamasapano massacre’ and its aftermath have made it even ‘more urgent and imperative.’

“We, bishops of the Catholic and other Christian churches, have often been asked if there is moral basis to this growing demand. Even long before the unfortunate events, the National Transformation Council (NTC) has strongly articulated that the President step down. Recent developments have made the call even more urgent and imperative,” says NTC in a joint statement issued February 13.

“NTC demands the whole government to step down in order for the country to transform through a new and fresh start.

“The group’s members further call the January 25 incident the summit of Pnoy’s mishandling of many obligations, which allegedly reveals the ‘subterfuge of illegal, unconstitutional and immoral foundation’ of his regime, adding that their plea for his and his cohorts’ resignation echoes the general feeling of the people.

‘According to them, Aquino’s misrule clearly indicates his illegitimate claim to the position and that his continuing stay endangers the lives of Filipinos and adversely affects the moral landscape of the nation.

“Citing ‘Gaudium et Spes’ (Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World), NTC shares that ‘at all times and in all places, the Church should have the freedom to teach her doctrine and to pass moral judgment in those matters which regard the common good and fundamental rights and freedoms.’

“It adds, ‘The Church and her pastors must never abandon their duty to denounce evil and to guide men, women and children in their active search for the truth and the good. Moral evil must be removed from the political and social system. This task, the Church and the political community cannot just leave them in the hands of politicians, no matter how virtuous they might be.’

“Amid the challenges modern society faces, the group points out it is ‘now, more than ever, necessary’ that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity, and commitment to the common good.

“NTC explains this is the way officials can preserve the rich human and natural resources with which God has blessed the country; marshal the moral resources needed to face the demands of the present; and pass on to coming generations a society of authentic justice, solidarity and peace.

“Moreover, the religious leaders underscore that theirs is the challenge to answer the ‘call of our Christian faith and life,’ urging Filipinos to let go of their comfort zones, go to the peripheries, and find the poor, the powerless, the marginalized and the neglected.

“ ‘With courage, we confront the seat of power and privilege. No doubt, the call on Mr. Aquino to step down is profoundly a moral issue that can no longer be ignored,’ they add.

“The joint statement was made by the following Catholic leaders: Cebu Archbishop Emeritus Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Davao Archbishop Emeritus Fernando Capalla, Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo de la Cruz, Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, Naval Bishop Filomeno Bactol, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, Fr. Carlito Clase on behalf of Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos.

“Non-Catholic Christian communities were represented by Bishop Butch Belgica of the Christian Bishops of the Philippines and Pastor Arthur Corpus of the United Church of Manila.

“Meanwhile, CBCP as an institutional body has yet to make its own official, collective position on a call for presidential resignation.

“In a letter issued Feb. 4, CBCP head Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan states that whether or not Aquino should resign and ‘yield the powers of his high office to a lawful successor is a judgment that he must make, after prayerful discernment, and in all humility and judiciousness.’

“The CBCP chief, however, endorses the creation of a credible Truth Commission or a fact-finding body, believing any inquiry by a police body like a Board of Inquiry, ‘no matter how veridical its findings,’ will compromise the objectivity of the investigation.

“ ‘Before we have all the facts, however, the CBCP cannot morally join in the calls for his resignation, leaving this decision to his humble and prayerful discernment of his capacity to lead and the support his has not only from officials of government but from members of Philippine society,’ Villegas adds. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)” (End of reproduced CBCP news report).

We sadly to notice that, apart from his call for BS Aquino to humbly pray, His Excellency Archbishop Villegas’ words rejecting the call for the PCOS-created president’s resignation sound like those spoken by Malacañang spokesmen.

But Archbishop Soc wrote those words on February 4 or 11 days ago. We pray that he has been led by his own meditations to now join his fellow prelates in imploring BS Aquino—for the common good—to resign.


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  1. Dami nyo naman reklamo. bakit meron ba tayo pwede maipalit na mas matino kay noy2? kung meron man, Sino? Si binay? baka araw2 rally lagi yan para patalsikin sa pagiging corrupt. kahit mga pari di mapagkatiwalaan.puro mga pangsariling interest ang mga iniisip. wala na tayo kapupuntahan. likas na cguro sa ating mga pilipino ang maging swapang sa kapangyarihan, salapi at sariling kapakanan. nakakalungkot mabuhay sa bansa na to. wala ng pag asa na umasenso at makatikim ng tamang ginhawa ng mga maliliit na tao. Puro sila nalang na mga nasa kapangyarihan ang nagpapasasa sa ating bayan.

  2. Marwan is dead!. Hail to Gen. Napenas and his men, dead or alive and all those who helped the tough mission accomplished! It is unrealistic to expect no casualties result from warlike missions such as the hunt for Marwan n Usman. The media must highlight the priceless accomplishment of such acchievement. Pray hard for a healing perspective. Make your report memorable. Write refreshing positive news on the issue.

  3. Tribu Segoviano on

    Ang tanong: Resign para i-upo ang isang magnanakaw? Ang nangyari ay nangyari na. Huwag na natin dagdagan pa ang pagdurusa ng inang bansa. Matuto na lang tayo sa susunod na eleksiyon: HUWAG NA SA KAGAYA NI PRESIDENT AQUINO (weak leadership) AT HUWAG NA SA KAGAYA O MAS MASAHOL PA KAY GMA (corruption). Ang atin pong bansa ay hindi nawawalan ng mga matatalino at maaring hindi kurap na gustong magsilbi ngunit walang pagkakataon dahil sa nangingibabaw ang pera at puwersa ng mga political dynasty. Ang puwersa-politikal na galing sa kurapsiyon ay ginawang pamana sa pamilya- sa anak, sa asawa, sa kapatid, sa bayaw at sa apo! Parang ‘Gulong ng Palad’: ang gulong ay mga mapalad na pamilya at ang nagugulongan ay ang pobreng mamamayan. Ito po ang nakakaligtaan nating pagusapan na siyang kanser ng ating sociedad. Magising po tayo….

    • Lamentably, we can only elect one from a list of candidates stated in the ballot. Would there have been an ideal leader against terrorism from those given to us in 2010? Now, I wonder if one with unblemished character, brilliant mind and strong spirit would show up to declare candidacy in 2016? A life of peace might be the choice of such person, if there is one. Not to mention one who has the appropriate experience fo lead as president and can take criticism with grace and calm.

  4. there are 101 bishops/archbishops/cardinals in the Philippines. Only 6 participated in the NTC call for resignation. In a democratic country, the majority rules. The President of the CBCP, speaking on behalf of the 101-6=95 says they don’t support the 6. As simple as that.

    • This is an opportune time for the CBCP to act their prime role in Phil. Society, that of invoking Divine Guidance of our governing officials n praying for national calmness, NOT add to the national anguish and turmoil by provocative news release. God, please enlighten our religious leaders. There are enough misguided outcries that need no support.

  5. This country needs a Prayer of Unity and the bishops should do that instead of creating another chaos. We all know that the term of the president is about to end. Why can’t we wait until his term is over. Let’s avoid creating unnecessary noise. Where is the lesson that we learned from the Pope? Resignation is not the answer of our country’s problem. Can we just be united? Spiritual leaders you are supposed to bring unity in the society. Why can’t you uplift our country from evil to good. Now, you are making our society more miserable. What’s next after stepping down? May the Good Lord enlightened your minds.

    • Amen Alves. We pray for those who don’t see the light, only the darkness, those who blame and even berate those who live and risk their lives in constant danger, e.g. Gen. Napenas et al., blind to their courage and sacrifices.The fallen 44 heroes gave face to the danger and the extraordinary valor it takes to do a mussion amid all odds. Am afraid the ‘crucifying’ probes will cause mass military resignations n decreased PMA enrollment.

  6. Lagi namang this is not the time. Kailann ang tamang panahon? madami nang kasalanan si Pnoy and yet hindi parin ito ang panahon. Sa ibang bansan nangyari iyan kung hindi gumanti agad ang leader or magresign out of kahihiyan. Dito sa Pinas makapal lang talaga ang apog nang mga Aquino tingin nila sa kanilang sarili sila lang ang magsasalba sa bayan

  7. villegas and tagle are acolytes of the aquinos. tagle after the famous abnoy welcome speech to pope francis was quick to criticize pnoy (pasipsip sa pope) but was even quicker to defend pnoy as soon as the pope left. cardinal na doble cara? many in d pilipins!

  8. you guys are no. 1 complainer and Pnoy haters.. why won’t you help your president with his “tuwid na daan”. instead of praying and make suggestions – you guys loved your own selves
    self centered.

  9. CBCP shoud not interfere with govt. business. there business is about faith and prayers not to remove a certain govt. officials under fire of non proven accusations.

    separation of church just like here in America.

    WAhat more do they want. they lived in a very convenient life style driving expensive cars while their followers can’t even afford for a 3 meals a day. what a shame and only in the Phils.

  10. Amazing ! An Archbishop and CBCP President who cannot correctly choose between a no-brainer good vs evil question ! How about Cardinal Tagle ? What is his stand on the raging issue ?

  11. Arch. Soc Villegas should not be faulted when he sounds to defend or deflect any criticism thrown at PNoy. Let us all remember that when Cory was President and even there-after, Soc Villegas is always there favorite priest. He was yet an ordinary priest that time and the right-hand man of Cardinal Sin, who was responsible of his elevation as Monsignor. Therefore, Soc Villages loyalty is always for the Cojuangco-Aquino family. For sure the aforementioned family gave him lots of favors, etc. which, being not an ingrate, he finds it his duty to protect. .

  12. Hindi naman kasi lahat ng pari matino,mayroon talaga na sinusunod ang mga nasa bible pero marami din ang may tinatago isa na yan si Villegas .yaong pangaral niya ta liwas sa ginagawa niya

  13. Yes. Let’s pray Memorares and entire rosaries for the intention of saving our nation from further harm from the hands of this man Benigno Simeon Aquino, who is only a de facto but not the legally elected president of the Philippines, and his closest friends and collaborators.

    CBCP President Archbishop Villegas, from the start. has been speaking like a member of the Yellow Army that immorally continues to support BS Aquino despite his crimes–of bribery, neglecting to do his duty to improve the plight of the poor and his duty to make sure such tragedies as the death of the PNP-SAF Heroes by the murderous armies of the MILF and the BIFF, and his SIN of personally working for the passage of the anti-natural law, anti-Church law and UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL Reproductive Health Act.
    Let pray for a change in the CBCP president’s heart.
    Let us implore God to make BS Aquino realize that for the good of our people he must resign.

  14. We have always doubted the loyalty of Arch. Socrates Villegas. We do not discount in our discernment that he was a close assistant of Cardinal Sin who was one of the triumvirate (Ramos, Enrile and Sin) who pushed the feckless Cory into the presidency. So naturally, we expect his bias towards the Abnoy.

    Even now, he can say all he wants but we are not listening to him. We have seen the TRUTH. And we no longer can ignore it. The Abnoy must step down or else, we will all be dead ducks. May God forgive this fake shepherd of Christ (Villegas). It because of the likes of him that we have become a miserable country..

  15. Narito na naman po kami,bakit hilig sumakay ang mga Cbcp sa trend!
    Ang dapat hiling ng mga pari ay early election !
    Upang sa ganoon ay maalis ng legal si Aquino at maging -maayos!
    Mahaba din ang pasensya ng media sa mga pari kahit kitang-kita na nila ang pakikialam nito ay mabuti pa din ang ipinalalabas,niluluko ninyo ang dios!
    Maraming pari ay nagjournalist na lang dahil dito kahit papaano may nakikinig sa kanila!

    PERO, KAIBIGAN, bali wala and election dahil ang mananalo kung sino ang papanaluhin ng SMARTMATIC-PCOS MACHINES. Hindi po ba ninyo binabasa ang mga reports at pagtutol ng mga professores, computer and IT experts, mga scientists at ni former Comelec Commissioner Gus Lagman at experts na sila Lito Averia at Nelson Celis? Bala wala na po ang mag-elecsyon pa hanggang si PNoy ang presidentte.