• CBCP Public Affairs Chair Bishop Pabillo is right: BBL can wait


    WE have no objection to the notion that the pursuit of lasting peace in Mindanao must not cease until it is achieved. But we reject the Malacañang campaign—supported by the Foreign Powers and the United Nations—that the so-called “peace process” has reached the penultimate step to achieving peace in Mindanao because the Bangsamoro Basic Law bill has reached Congress and MUST be passed even with its unconstitutional provisions.

    The 44 heroes of the PNP-Special Action Force were massacred in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, last Sunday by Moro Islamic Liberation Front soldiers, supported by an army of the jihadist Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. The MILF leaders call the BIFF a break-away group but BIFF actions show they are not. President B. S. Aquino and his people mealy-mouthedly call the massacre of the 44 PNP-heroes a “misencounter.”

    A mis-encounter is an unfortunate battle between forces of the same army or between allies. Sunday’s massacre was clearly not a mis-encounter. The PNP-SAF officers and men were out to serve a warrant of arrest to two internationally notorious, feared and wanted terrorists, the Malaysian “Marwan” and his Filipino BIFF/MILF partner Usman. The PNP-SAF troopers did and in fact, according to the government spokesmen they succeeded in killing Marwan and cut off his pinkie so the FBI using DNA technology could determine that the man is really Marwan.

    But their ambush and massacre happened when they were already leaving the area where they had done in Marwan.

    And according to President Aquino himself “the data shown to me by both the AFP and the PNP say they were not in an MILF camp.”

    So why did MILF soldiers, reinforced by BIFF fighters, surround our 44 PNP-SAF heroes and massacre them?

    Having signed a “Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro” and other supposedly serious documents, and working with the Philippine government to achieve peace by passing the BBL, why did the MILF leadership allow their soldiers gleefully move to decimate our PNP-SAF commandos?

    We agree with Auxillary Bishop of the Manila Diocese, Bishop Broderick S. Pabillo, who chairs the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ Permanent Committee on Public Affairs. He said on Radio Veritas that “there is no point in speeding up the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) following the Mamasapano massacre.” Instead he stresses that justice must first be served to the victims and their bereaved.

    Bishop Pabillo also said the priority for government now is to go after the “suspected terrorists” responsible for the carnage and mutilation of some of our 44 PNP-SAQF heroes.

    Calling the massacre a “mis-encounter” negates Bishop Pabillo’s correct idea. Even the MILF leaders—although their words cannot always be trusted—have promised to punish those who committed barbaric acts against the PNP commandos they had killed.

    In addition, Mr. Aquino’s frenzied push in Congress to pass the BBL deserves to be halted because experts, more credible and respected than President Aquino and his peace-process team of salesmen and saleswomen, see grave violations of the Philippine Constitution in the draft from Malacañang.


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    1. Let us face the fact that there is nothing in the BBL that will bring peace. The BBL will only strngthen a private army’s control over an area amd reduce the government’s control. Where is the peace? Are we to accept that the private army will remain content with their gains and not impose their control to increasinf terrories? Be serious. No to negotiating with any terrorist gangs. The BBL is dead. Bring law and order to the region and we will have peace. Bring in the killers for justice and disband and disarm all private armies. Law and order is the way to peace.

    2. Why are Ferer, Celes and the rest of the pro-BBL in a hurry to sign the peace pact? Is it not an insult to the 44 plus fallen that a day or 2 after the massacre, Ferrer and company were fast to sign the disarmament agreement “kuno.” Who among the Muslims, rebel or not will get rid of their weapons? I thought Ferrer is smart, unfortunately she does not know the behavioral patterns of Muslims, that they love their weapons more than their family.

    3. Jaime San Juan on

      ruary 1, 2015 at 8:20 am

      Why peace with MILF or with other rebels and enemies of the Philippines? Why don’t we fight all of these terrorist until we get rid of them?

      Why do we rely on foreign nations like Malaysia for peace?

      The Philippines must dictate peace in every inch of Philippine Territory.

      Why do we expect other nations respect us a sovereign nation; when we don’t respect our sovereignty, our president and leaders in the Senate and Congress are quick to give away Philippine lands and authority to rebels and terrorists?

      Rebels and terrorists who want to destroy our democratic peaceful way of life and lawful institutions must be defeated and tried, together with their supporters (Executive and Legislative branches who are advocates of so-called ‘peace’) all must be declared by the Judicial Branch as tyrants and guilty of culpable treachery and treason.

    4. Gloria M. Kuizon on

      Yes, justice for our murdered PNP-SAF heroes first before doing anything about the unconstitutional BBL bill of the Palace.

    5. OMG…this is exactly wht I am looking for. You nailed it in the head. Bangsamoro is a SCAM. After the massacre that just happened, are we still to believe and trust the MILF? The only solution is to JUNK THE BANGSAMORO, improve our Armed Forces 300% so they are ready to SWEEP MINDANAO and KILL all of rebel forces to the last rebel.

    6. sonny dela cruz on

      Now, the NTC has said it all. What are they going do now, did they solve the problem of the country? Didn’t let the fallen 44 die in vain? Did they save the poor people’s plight from the present government? Pls. stop talking and do more action so that Filipinos will believe the good intention of the NTC.

    7. I agree! And all law abiding citizens should join in calling for the deferment of the BBL PROCESS, no buts no if’s about it.

    8. I agree! And all law abiding citizens should join in calling for the deferment of the BBL PROCESS, no nuts no if’s about it.

    9. Agree. Harangin hanggang SC!!
      BBL is just for self-interest of MILF. They now have BIFF just incase. That’s the never ending cycle! I hope the people of Bangsamoro don’t let themeselves be used by those greedy and terrorist groups!