• CCP extends deadline for ‘Ani 40’


    The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Intertextual Division is still accepting contributions to its “Ani 40” literary journal, which has “Katutubo” as its theme.

    To be launched in September, “Ani 40” will contain essays, poems, short fiction and other literary forms that focus on the loyalty of Filipinos to the land and the nation.

    The general perception of Katutubo refer to Filipinos who continue to live by their precolonial cultures, practices and traditions.

    “This is our idea of Katutubo: the groups of individuals who preserve the pureness of being Filipino. Because of this, we seldom believe that Katutubo also [experiences an]evolution,” CCP said.

    “[Today], Katutubo is no longer limited to Filipinos who have pushed our origins through the drastic changes of our history. It now opens its doors to define ordinary Filipinos as Katutubo, as well,” it added.

    “The modern Katutubo is now inclusive of individuals who exhibit their pride with the experiences they have made [in]our motherland. They are those whose works are inspired by our land and created for the nation,” the Cultural Center said.

    Literary works may be in Filipino, English, or any Philippine language with a Filipino or English translation.

    These must be encoded on letter-sized (8 1/2” by 11”) paper using Arial or Roman 12 points and double-spaced.

    The author’s five-sentence bionote, home address and tax identification number should accompany each work.
    Works must be sent by e-mail to anijournal@yahoo.com.

    Deadline for submissions has been extended to February 28.

    For more information, contact Marjorie Almazan at (632) 551-5959 or 0919-3175708, or anijournal@yahoo.com.


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