THE Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) maintains that it acted within the legal boundaries in the bidding process for the P486-million closed-circuit television (CCTV) system project. It admits that the first bidding was not formally considered in the management’s decision to progress to a negotiated procurement for the project, contrary to a published report. The first bidding conducted in February 2014 was canceled following an advisory from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines that CCTVs should not be wireless. This prompted the MIAA to change its Term of Reference (TOR) for the project.  The succeeding two biddings conducted in August 2014 and February 2015 were declared a failure after the bidders fell short of the project’s technical requirements. Under the procurement law, or Republic Act 9184, a negotiated mode of procurement may take place after two failed biddings of the standard process.


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  1. apolonio reyes on

    Di ba ganito din ang nangyari sa rig bidding ng P4.2B Hilacopter ng DND na isa na ang bumagsak. Uso ata ito sa mga KKK ng Pnoy administration para KUMITA NAMAN… ANG BIDDERS? DI BA BAYAN?