CDA’s Road Map outlines the direction of the CDA to:


    1. Harness the collective potential and capacities of the people in accordance with the core principles of sustainable development.

    2. Accelerate the drive to protect the ecological integrity of our environment. Cooperatives contribute to the protection of the environment for future generations. They can do this by engaging in renewable energy businesses wherein they offer clean energy while investing socially and economically in sustainable development. Also, converting to sustainable agriculture and debunking conventional agriculture is a must if we have to ensure that the future generation’s needs are met. Adopting sustainable agriculture practices is economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially beneficial. This form of agriculture will enable the farmers to produce the present generation’s needs without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet theirs, too.

    3. Erase “negative peace.” Negative peace exists where there is no actual combatant but the ingredients of conflict and violence are present—ready to erupt anytime. Cooperatives can work to erase negative peace. Being politically and ideologically neutral, cooperatives have shown that all warring forces can come together in the spirit of unity. This will be implemented through the Seven Paths to Peace namely: peace through sustainable agriculture; peace through protection, rehabilitation, conservation and preferential use rights of natural resources; peace through rights-based management of utilities; peace through good governance and people empowerment; peace through human resource development; peace through conflict transformation, management resolution, and peace through promotion of halal food.

    4. Pursue financial inclusion through cooperatives, which have a great potential to bring effective financial services to their members because they are inclusive, members-owned, value-based, and they adhere to the cooperative principles.

    The Road Map is aligned with the mandate of the CDA to formulate, adopt and implement integrated and comprehensive plans and programs on cooperative development. The programs should be consistent with the national policy on cooperatives and the overall socio-economic development plans of the government.


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