CDC taps Palafox to help develop master plan for Clark


CLARK Development Corporation (CDC) said on Wednesday it has signed an agreement with urban planner Palafox Associates to develop Clark Freeport in harmony with planned developments for Clark airport and Green City.

“The new Master Development Plan will make the Freeport more marketable, effective. viable and in harmony with the recent, current, and planned developments for Clark, to include the Clark International Airport and Green City development,” CDC said in a statement.

The master plan will also look into the expiring 25-year lease contracts of the initial batch of locators, and will optimize the development potentials of Clark without compromising the economic, environmental and social integrity of the Main Zone with the surrounding areas, according to CDC.

The plan will also include the Subic-Clark Corridor and consider a total integrated master plan for the entire corridor consisting of the Clark Civil Aviation Complex Area, Clark Freeport Zone, Clark Special Economic Zone, and New Green City.

Palafox is a respected urban planner known for its architecture, master planning, urban design of islands, provinces, cities, municipalities and towns, retail and entertainment centers, and golf course communities. It also designs commercial, office, institutional, industrial, residential, and tourism estates and mixed-use development projects of high-, medium-, and low-rise buildings.


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