Cebu City officials see more resilient buildings after 7.2–magnitude quake


CEBU CITY: Building officials in Cebu City have said the public can expect more resilient buildings in the city after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Cebu and Bohol exactly three years ago on Saturday. Josefa Ylanan, officer-in-charge of the city’s Office of the Building Official, said they have since implemented stricter rules and monitoring of building constructions. Ylanan said her department had recommended that construction projects, big or small, should be designed to withstand quakes like that of October 15, 2013. These may not be earthquake-proof, Ylanan said, but new buildings are more resilient than those built before the earthquake. “We were able to notice some changes in construction projects. For instance, owners themselves opted to use bigger steel rods to make sure that their structure is strong,” she said. The magnitude 7.2 quake damaged P2.257 billion in public infrastructure, about P819 million worth of it in Cebu. It also killed 227 persons, 214 of them in Bohol.



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