Cebu legislator seeks financial incentives for athletes


CEBU CITY: A Cebu City legislator has filed a proposed ordinance seeking to grant financial incentives to the city’s athletes and coaches who have brought honor to the country.

Cebu City Councilor Jerry Guardo said there is a need for the city government to prioritize sports, inculcate health consciousness and accelerate social progress.

Guardo’s proposed ordinance seeks to provide financial incentives to athletes and coaches who achieve high honors in the Olympics, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Southeast Asian (SEA) games.

He said these coaches, athletes and delegates give up their personal leisure for training and may have even spent their own money.

The city had granted financial aid to medalists in the past, but there is a need to institutionalize this as a program, he said.

Under his proposal, an Olympic gold medalist will get PHP1 million. The silver and bronze medalists will receive PHP500,000 and PHP300,000, respectively.

Gold, silver and bronze medalists of the ASEAN games will receive PHP300,000, PHP200,000 and PHP100,000, respectively, while SEA games winners will get PHP150,000, PHP100,000 and PHP50,000, respectively.

Coaches will receive 30 percent of the athlete’s cash incentive.



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