Cebu mayor rewards police criminal-killer


THE offer of bounty to the police in killing criminals by incoming the Cebu City mayor is deepening concerns of extra-judicial deaths under the rule of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.

Tomas Osmeña has said he would pay policemen P50,000 for each criminal they kill and P5,000 for each one they wound.

“If you kill a criminal in the line of duty, (you’ll be rewarded), no questions asked. I’m there to assist the police, not to prosecute them,” Osmeña told Agence France-Presse (AFP) by telephone. “That is my purpose: to instill fear in the criminals. If they want to commit crimes, they get into war with me. I will see to it that they will be casualties.”

Osmeña gave a P20,000 reward this week to a Cebu policeman who wounded two robbers in a gun battle, Supt. Oscar Monteroyo of the Cebu police civil relations office told AFP.

Asked if such rewards might encourage vigilante killings, Osmena said: “I’m not going to suppress vigilantes.”

Osmeña’s pledge comes after Duterte, the longtime mayor of the southern Davao City, won the May 9 presidential elections in a landslide largely due to a controversial law-and-order platform headlined by a vow to kill tens of thousands of criminals.

Duterte vowed during the campaign to wipe out crime within six months by unleashing security forces with shoot-to-kill orders.

He said 100,000 criminals would die in his crackdown, and that so many bodies would be dumped in Manila Bay that the fish there would grow fat from feeding on them.

Since winning the election, Duterte also said he would bring back the death penalty, with hanging as his preferred method of execution.

Asked if he was following Duterte’s example, Osmeña, a member of a powerful family and a former Cebu mayor, said: “I’m not encouraged by him. But I think he is doing the right thing.”

Osmeña said the bounties would not come from government funds, but would not disclose their source.

Duterte’s spokesman, Salvador Panelo, said the incoming president would not allow extra-judicial killings, though he declined to condemn the bounties.

“Maybe Mayor Osmeña is just joking, attempting a new gimmick so that his administration will be popular. To each his own,” Panelo said.



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  1. This is a good idea, pwede bang isama yung Mayor, Governor ,Congressman who are involve in corrupton, drug, illegal logging sa reward na yan. Actually yung mga police body guards nila know about the criminal activities of these politician. Sila pa nga yung runner minsan.Isama na natin sila para parehas and laban.

    Bakit di nyo imbestigahan yung governor ng bulacan about his contribution sa Yolanda?Tingnan nyo ring yung illegal logging and illegal mining sa San miguel Bulacan?

    Isama na din yung underperforming Maoyr, ibisg sabihin kapag hindi naayos ni Mayor ang peace and order, developent of job and the social welfare of his/her area, dapat itumba din sya, kasi pareho din yung effect nun. Kung hindi magagawa ni Mayor yung promise nya at yung trabaho nya, ano ang ginagawa nya, gumagawa ba sya ng pera? Tingnan nyo yung Mayor ng Plaridel, paganda lang ,pero ano and development sa Plaridel bulacan, yung Malolos, its getting worse, yung baliwaG?????, yung pulilan anong development? yung guiginto?????

    Therefore isama na rin sila sa directive and reward,including other Mayors in other parts of the country.