Cebu pushing peritoneal dialysis as alternative


A group of nephrologists in Cebu province is pushing peritoneal dialysis [PD] as a less expensive treatment for those whose kidneys have failed.

Medical doctor Rene Catan, the Cebu Provincial Health Officer, said in a news forum last week that the Cebu Provincial Government through a health program is introducing peritoneal dialysis to all barangays (villages) through their health workers.

“They [barangay health workers]should know the basic way of inserting the tube in order to prevent infections considering that there will be a lacerated wound on a portion of the abdomen, which will serve as the entry point going to the kidney” Catan said.

It is a painless minor surgical procedure that can be done in any district hospital in Cebu.

“Actually it is not new to medical doctors, the peritoneal dialysis [treatment],” Catan clarifed.

Catan said PD is more convenient and less expensive compared to hemo dialysis because the latter requires a dialysis machine.

The PD treatment is not free but a member of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. can have it covered for funding under the agency’s programs.

Catan and his personnel in the Cebu Provincial Health Office are conducting an information campaign for the PD treatment so the poor with kidney problems can avail of the treatment.

Nephrologist Cesar Quiza said kidney problems can be caused from eating salty and fatty foods, and drinking too much soda. He added the chances of a person getting kidney diseases increases with diabetes and high blood pressure.

“If and when the said kidney will no longer capable of undergoing a dialysis, a nephrologist will suggest a kidney transplant” Quiza said.

Quiza also encouraged healthy people donate one of their kidneys for those in need.

“Having one kidney organ will not lessen your life span and it will not also bother your body from doing a regular routine. It’s just normal. Everything will just be normal” He clarified.

Quiza also announced that by the end of November, kidney transplant surgeons will hold a meeting to advocate alternative treatments to hemo dialysis and prevention of kidney diseases.


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