Cebu water firm assures enough supply even with El Nino


CEBU CITY: An official of the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) has assured its consumers of enough water supply even with the onset of a mild El Nino phenomenon.

MCWD supplies some 202,000 cubic meters of water per day to more than 160,000 households in Metro Cebu.

Ernie Delco, MCWD general manager, said that despite the hot weather, their bulk supplier, the Cebu Manila Water Development (CMWD), is providing around 18,000 cubic meters (cbm) from its surface water source in Carmen town in northern Cebu.

MCWD relies on underground water sources from several pumping stations all over Metro Cebu.

But Delco said their two surface water sources, the Buhisan Dam in the hinterlands of Cebu City and Jaclupan Weir in Talisay City, have been affected by the heat wave.

The Buhisan Dam, which provides three percent of MCWD’s total daily production, has lowered its production from 6,000 cbm per day to 3,000 cbm per day.

The Jaclupan Weir, which produces around 30, 000 cbm per day, is also expected to drop its daily production rate but not drastically.

Delco said the Jaclupan Weir produces around 15 percent of MCWD’s total production.

Delco said that even if the weak El Niño phenomenon slowly affects their surface water sources, some areas like Lapu-Lapu City and Cordova town now have a 24 hour supply of water due to the CMWD’s production.

But Delco said their production could be affected if the weak El Niño continues after July.



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