Cebu’s going for Poe will prove FPJ was cheated there in 2004


THERE had been “whistleblowers” who claimed there was cheating in Maguindanao to favor then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) over her rival Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) in the 2004 presidential elections.

It puzzles me however that until now, no witness or documentary evidence has been presented on claims that FPJ was also cheated in Cebu where he lost by about a million votes to GMA.

Well, the upcoming May 9 election could provide such a proof. If Cebuanos will give overwhelming support for former US citizen Grace Poe Llamanzares, then they’ll be affirming allegations of massive cheating in 2004 in favor of GMA.

Poe Llamanzares has been campaigning under the shadows of FPJ, her adoptive father. Most of her supporters had said they are going to vote for her because she’s the daughter of “Panday” and she”ll continue his “mission” of helping the poor and the downtrodden. It’s easy to see that a vote for her is a vote for FPJ. Thus, a victory in Cebu for Poe will prove that FPJ had indeed been cheated.

But, will Cebuanos agree that they are cheaters or that their votes hadn’t been counted?

In the Interim Batasang Pambansa, Cebuanos elected a number of candidates from Pusyon Bisaya including Hilarion Davide Jr and Filemon Fernandez. In 1984, they elected three opponents of martial law to the Regular Batasan — the late Marcelo Fernan, Antonio Cuenco and Inday Nita Daluz. Cory Aquino won in Cebu City over Ferdinand Marcos in the 1986 snap presidential election. With this history, it’s very difficult to believe that Cebuanos aren’t militant over their right of suffrage.

I covered FPJ’s campaign in 2004. He drew massive crowds wherever he went — except in Cebu. In his first and only rally there, FPJ’s campaign people outnumbered the audience. His coalition party was so weak in the province that it could field only one candidate. Predictably, that candidate lost by landslide to then reelectionist Mayor Tommy Osmena.

FPJ had no watchers in all of Cebu in 2004. Did GMA’s leaders took advantage of this to cheat for her? We can only speculate in the absence of proof or witnesses.

Oh yes, in a rally at the reclamation area in Mandaue City in March 2010, senatorial candidate Satur Ocampo harangued GMA, and then asked the massive crowd if they would still vote for her should she run anew. The crowd roared: “yes!”

Ah, but some may say that that Mandaue crowd didn’t represent the sentiment of the populous province. Well, we will see on May 9 if they’ll go for a candidate who’ll continue the “mission” and “legacy” of FPJ.


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  1. Good one, Mr Danao. I actually clicked on your article, prepared to counter what I thought were going to be your main points. Alas, I was pleasantly mistaken. However, I fear your style would just fly over the heads of some readers. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed your column. And, fear not. Grace won’t win in Cebu. As for FPJ being cheated there? Don’t believe a word of it. Even his campaign staff surrendered their campaign there, even though they gratefully continued to accept funding support. GMA won Cebu fair and square and that’s why she loved the place. On the other hand, BS Aquino ALLEGEDLY also won in Cebu. But his lack of gratitude to Cebu only shows it was because PCOS voted him there, not the Cebuanos.

  2. I believe the vast majority of Cebuano voters are more intelligent than what others lead us to believe. Poe has nothing to show for her to win in Cebu province.

  3. As what i’ve been hearing most cebuanos rooting for true blooded visayan Duterte and most Ilonggos rooting for true blooded ilonggo miriam, if Lapiang Pork is always press releasing that Roxas leads there that is not necessarily true!!

  4. Johnny Ramos on

    It was bought buying that cause the major loss of FPJ in 2004. It will happen again this year, but the main problem is somewhat legal because the Comelec can not stop. We have to presume that Comelec is still counting all votes due to every candidates. Our candidates should stop blaming they were cheated when they loss because they should be prepared to counter vote buying by buying too. Our D and E voters can easily be persuaded in having their votes be bought since all candidates never fulfill their promises except when they are buying votes since they are offered real monies in other areas they are intimidated to vote. The real problem now is the surveys because vote buying are never factored in so losing candidates will always claim they were leading in the surveys. Any candidates for election should be prepared for all kinds on tricks after all they are to the one who gain the most when they win. They should stop crying out loud that they were cheated after they loss. It like joining the navy, one learn how swin first.

  5. Regardless whether FPJ was cheated or not, why should this be a reason to vote for someone who had already renounced her being Filipino and just wants it back now that it is proving advantageous to her. Moreover, this candidate does not have any executive experience and did not even have any stellar performance in her short stint as a Senator. Patay na si FPJ, buhay pa tayo. Buhay pa ang mga anak natin na nangangailangan ng matinong pamamalakad para naiseguro ang kahilang kinabukasan. Bakit natin iboboto ang patay na at isasakripisyo ang buhay at hinaharap ng ating mga anak!