• Cedric Lee denies Vina’s allegations

    Vina Morales

    Vina Morales

    After news broke out that Vina Morales had filed a case against his ex-beau Cedric Lee for forcibly detaining their seven-year-old daughter Ceana mid-week, the businessman maintained that the singer-actress’ claims were baseless.

    On June 3, Morales formally filed a complaint against businessman Lee for keeping their daughter without Morales’ permission for nine days. The actress had been away for a vacation in Switzerland in May with her current boyfriend Marc Lambert so the child was delegated to Lee.  However, the girl’s father did not return her to her appointed guardian on the agreed date of both parties.

    In several interviews regarding her latest ordeal, Morales detailed how her entire family was stress over the nine whole days that Lee failed to return Ceana, even refusing to have her speak to them. According to Morales, even her daughter was stressed over the situation.  The 40-year-old celebrity believes that Lee purposefully kept their daughter to bully and harass her.

    A court hearing took place on June 8 at the San Juan Prosecutors’ Office but Lee failed to show up allegedly due to a prior commitment.

    Before the hearing Lee refuted Morales’ allegations, saying it was in fact Morales who owed him 10-days worth of visitation with their child.

    Speaking to Pep.ph, Lee said, “This custody case/visitation case has been ongoing for three years now . . . There was a signed agreement between us regarding visitation, holidays and spending a few nights with me during summer holidays. There has been violations the court has recorded regarding times when I wasn’t able to see my daughter. Prior to me spending time with Ceana, the court has noted that Vina owes me 10 days.”

    Cedric Lee  The Manila Times file photo

    Cedric Lee
    The Manila Times file photo

    He also dispelled the idea that their child had been traumatized all throughout her stay with him. On the contrary, Lee said she enjoyed his company and as proof, even sent photos of them bonding in public places to the website. In addition, the controversial businessman said that Ceana’s entire stay with him, his lawyers had been in constant communication with her ex-partner’s lawyer and family, and that they knew the date when he was going to bring her home.

    “I have never bullied Vina and have gone through the right avenue . . . This has gotten out of hand and I sure hope that we can both iron out differences in the near future,” Lee expressed to Pep.ph.

    While Morales adamantly reiterated that Lee violated their agreement and caused their daughter stress and trauma, the Kapamilya actress said she would still honor his visitation rights appointed every Saturday. She hopes, though, that the court will see how her child was affected and soon revoke it.

    Lee, a businessman who is still married to Judith Lee with whom he sired two children, met Morales sometime in 2007. The two had a very public relationship and broke up while Morales was carrying their child in 2009.

    Lee only figured in the news again in 2014 when comedian Vhong Navarro filed serious illegal detention and grave coercion against him and six others for kidnapping and beating him up.  Model Deniece Cornejo, who accused Navarro of rape, baited the actor into the alleged gang up of Lee and his friends.  The court, however, later allowed three of the five accused, including Lee, to post bail.


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