• OFW kids’ wish:

    Celebrate even just one Christmas with parents


    THREE young children whose parents are Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait have only one wish – that one day they can celebrate Christmas in their home in Samal, Bataan with their mother and father.

    Carl Joshua, 17; John Clarenz, 12 and Charles Jerom, 6; said they badly miss their parents Jimmy and Cherrylyn Cunanan, especially at Christmas.

    Asked when they last shared Christmas with their parents, especially their father, Carl Joshua answered sadly, “We have not been together at Christmas for a long time now.”

    Chatting live via the Messenger on Friday night (late afternoon in Kuwait), the six-year old Charles Jerom told their father “We miss you and Mama Che so much.” Mama Che is their mother who was at work when they spoke.

    “It is Christmas time again and we are not there with you. I always remind you to be good. Always be careful. Merry Christmas.” Jimmy Cunanan told his children. “We love you, we miss you,” the father repeatedly said looking away to control his emotions.

    “Papa, Merry Christmas, I hope you be happy there even if we are not together. Maybe someday, we will be together; complete, so Christmas will be happy,” Carl Joshua and John Clarenz said.

    Rodolfo Enriquez, the children’s grandfather, said his son-in-law Jimmy has been working in Kuwait for 20 years while Jimmy’s wife, his daughter Cherrylyn, followed her husband two years ago.

    Jimmy works as manager of a group of restaurants.

    “My wife and I try to take good care of our grandchildren, attend to all their needs who have been under our care from the time they were toddlers. I pray that my son-in-law and my daughter will be able to come back home from working overseas so they can be together as a whole family. I know the kids miss their parents very much,” Enriquez said.

    “Our wish is that one Christmas we can all be together like this Christmas the Enriquez family (Cherrylyn, their mother’s family) is complete but our father and mother are not here,” said Carl Joshua, second year electronics engineering student.

    He said, however, that he and his brothers understand why their parents are away in a foreign land. “It is for us,” the eldest Cunanan son said.



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