Celebrate the joys of eating without guilt

Happy Garden Café’s Annabel Tanco

Happy Garden Café’s Annabel Tanco

Health-conscious individuals have a place to celebrate the joys of eating where they are sure to feel good and happy, without guilt.

Since it opened in 2015, the Happy Garden Café at the senior recreation club Sunshine Place has been a haven for those who are conscious of their health and partial organic dishes. The destination is an oasis in the business capital with its charming interiors surrounded by flowers, greeneries and inspirational books.

Happy Garden Café’s mission is to bring the freshest produce from the best farms in the provinces to Manila, and serve food that looks good, tastes good and is good for the body and mind. Moreover, the menu is especially created for seniors who wish to enjoy a lovely meal without breaking their diets or their doctor’s orders.

“It’s time for seniors especially to take care of themselves. Before it’s always about their children, and their partners,” café owner Annabel Tanco of the Bizu Group explains. “Here, seniors can find food that answers the question—“What is good for me?”

The idea that food and diet can help the body heal itself is a concept that is a thousand years old. Hippocrates said in one of his famous quotes, “Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be food.”

Salads are Dazzling (figs and caramelized orange with aniseed dressing) and Gorgeous (quinoa with panko-crusted mozzaballs, pistachio and maple tahini dressing). Pastas are Serene (palabok noodles with shrimp sauce topped with smoked fish, prawns, pork crackling) and Enthusiastic (mushroom stuffed pasta cooked in Alfredo Sauce). Sandwiches are Extraordinary (Chicken with sundried tomato) and Magical (brisket slices topped with caramelized onion and mushroom gravy served with salted egg yolk fries).

Happy Garden Café is all about making conscious diet choices to maintain balance and vitality. With the recent update of Happy Garden Café’s menu, everyone can choose to be happy about what they eat, and joyful about themselves.

Fresh juice blends are also available: Red juice—a mix of beets, turnips, carrots, ginger, stevia, fiber; and Green juice—a mix of kale, green apple, lemon, celery, ginger, stevia, fiber).

Happy Garden Café is part of SM’s Felicidad Sy Foundation and located at the ground floor of Sunshine Place at along Jupiter St., in Bel-Air, Makati City.


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