Celebrating 25 years of togetherness

Becky Garcia

Becky Garcia

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Also called “happy hearts day,” it brings back a lot of good and romantic memories. This is the day when you first express your love to your partner or special someone in life, or perhaps a day to reiterate your devotion and promise.

For me, Valentine’s Day is truly memorable day because that is when I got engaged 11 years ago.

For our featured couple who just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, it is when Sean O’Sullivan, then young professional of Asian Development Bank, proposed to marry Zaphire.

An upcoming lounge singer and a recording artist, Zaphire’s career as a singer was cut short as she made a big decision to become Mrs. Cynthia O’Sullivan. She never looked back.

Today, they have three wonderful children and two grandchildren.

Last December, they celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary at the Peninsula de Punta Fuego set against a backdrop of the setting sun.

Most of their guests were the same friends who attended their wedding 25 years ago at Paco Church including yours truly. Once, I stood as one of the principal sponsors, now they just call me their Fairy God Mother.

Guests and family friends drove all the way to Punta Fuego to witness the renewal of their marriage vows. Some friends flew from other parts of the globe just to wish Zaphire and Sean a happy wedded bliss.

Miss Saigon’s the Engineer Leo Valdez who sang at their wedding 25 years ago sang again the Our Father during the ceremonies. Daughter Zoe, who flew from Australia, also offered a romantic song for her parents.

To Sean and Zaphire, may you continue to keep the flames of love burning for another 25 years!


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