Celebrating the spirit of Pinoy komiks

Karen Kunawicz

Karen Kunawicz

Indieket 2013 happened last Saturday at its regular home, the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City, and everything was just right. There were just enough to people to make the place feel alive—but not too much that you get stuck in crowd traffic. Attendees got to talk to creators and get a good look at what’s out there.

My small haul consisted of the Trese 6 Preview and Stories from the Diabolical by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo; Zombinoy by Geonard Yleana; Samplr by Nelz Yumul; Pasig by Taga-Ilog; and Sulyap, a Komikon publication showcasing select strips from Indieket and Komikon participants.

Zombinoy imagines a zombie outbreak in Metro Manila. A young couple, Paulo and Clara, go out of town on a camping trip, and on their way out they discover their resort has turned to a ghost town. They drive on to find the nearest gas station deserted and the adjacent convenience store ransacked and empty. The first people they see are in a car madly rushing off the in opposite direction.

They, however, behave with nary a trace of suspicion. You kind of wonder, with our insistence on connectivity, signal hunting and passing on gossip and news, did no one bother to send a text message?

President “Dok” Menandro has called a meeting of top ranking government officials to find ways to address the bizarre situation in Metro Manila. Does the government “open fire” and obliterate any sign of the threat? Or is there a less violent solution more in keeping with our being a Christian nation? The portly General Guerra says we shall bear the distinction of being “The first Zombie Christian nation.”

I’m not too keen on the leads (Paulo and Clara) so far but I’m curious about how the fictional Philippine government copes with the emergency, assuming it’s a reflection of our non-fiction government with all its red tape, corruption and bickering.

Stories from the Diabolical is a lovely little Trese spin-off/stand-alone story. Here is one of the many sinister and mysterious tales told to the Diabolical’s resident bartender, Hank Sparrow—but with a dark, Christmas holiday flavor. Flip this comic over and there’s a preview of Trese 6, featuring another of the Trese family in action.

Also, seen at Indieket were Pol Medina Jr. with his Pugad Baboy comics; Andrew Villar proudly moving his Ambush anthology and artist; and publisher Boboy Yonzon who always shows his support for the local comics industry.

Before I go, out now is Kick Ass 2—the sequel to the irreverent and funny Kick Ass. I’m not too keen on seeing it because I’m currently tired of sequels and more into what our artists are doing at Indieket and Komikon.


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