Celebrities lead search for first Filipino astronaut

n Luis Manzano, Sam YG, Ramon Bautista, and Gino Quillamor heads the A.A.S.A recruitment team

n Luis Manzano, Sam YG, Ramon Bautista, and Gino Quillamor heads the A.A.S.A recruitment team

TV host and actor Luis Manzano, Ramon Bautista, and radio jocks Sam Gogna, and Gino Quillamor have been appointed as members of the AXE Apollo Space Academy (A.A.S.A) national selection directors who will choose the country’s representative to the Global Space Camp in Orlando, Florida, USA.

According to organizers the total number of applications reached over 2 million from over 20 million visitors to www.axeapollo.com.

The Philippines ranked no. 1 in Asia and 4th in the world in terms of the number of applications with 28,020 entries. The top five countries were the United States with 107,952, the United Kingdom with 80,646; France with 42,255; Philippines; and Brazil 24,763.

Because of the overwhelming number of men (and women) who want be the first Pinoys in outerspace, Axe Philippines has been given the go signal to add a “wild card” candidate from those who joined the AXE Apollo Hyperdrive Promo and will be sent to the space camp together with the two winners from the national challenges.

“The next phase of the search in the Philippines begins this month with the AXE Apollo National Challenges where two candidates from the top-voted applicants. The challenges are designed in three stages with participants being eliminated on every stage until we are left with the best two candidates,” according to brand manager Gem Laforteza.

Several celebrities including a couple of PBA players and radio DJs were said to be among those who submitted their applications.

From the shortlist of top-voted candidates who will advance to this next phase of the search where they will be facing three grueling challenges that will put their intellect, physical prowess, and willpower to the test.  Ed Uy

Cesca Litton, Patti Grandidge, Aly Borromeo and Ivan Henares all share one thing in common. They may not be today’s larger-than-life superstars, but their confidence, wit, and sense of perseverance in everything they do are worth everybody’s attention and second glance.

One of the country’s favorite TV hosts juggling entertainment, lifestyle, and sports news, Cesca Litton is a superwoman who has always considered animals and children her top priority. So when she devoted herself to help in this cause, she went all the way to South Africa to lend a hand. Cesca is not just a pretty face, she’s an enigma on her own. That’s why people really take a second look at her beauty, grace, and allure.

Don’t be fooled by her sweet façade, as host-model Patti Grandidge is one tough cookie. Not only is she a certified fashion maven, she is also an entrepreneur. She specializes in baking, and is known for her sinfully Sweet Patti Cakes.

Aly Borromeo is known to be an aggressive player on the field as captain of the Philippine Azkals. Add that to his intimidating and strong physique, it’s hard not to be intimidated by him. However, behind his fierce aura lies a sweet, shy and mellow guy who enjoys staying home and watching movies and sports clips during his free time.

With his busy lifestyle, it’s very hard for him to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures such as these.

An Outstanding Young Men Awardee for Heritage Conservation, Ivan Henares is considered as one of the country’s most influential travel bloggers, visiting over 79 provinces in the Philippines. On the sideline, Ivan is a writer and magazine editor, a TV host and lecturer at the UP Asian Institute of Tourism.

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