Celebrity chef showdown delights foodies


The ongoing “Celebrity Chef: East vs West” from Fox Networks Group Asia is a hit among foodies on cable TV as it follows the fiery culinary competition between popular Hong Kong superstar Nicholas Tse and renowned celebrity chef David Rocco.

Airing Sunday nights, the original five-part series sees these renowned chefs travel to five cities in Asia including Macau, Shunde, Manila, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur where they spend time with celebrated local chefs learning about the city, its food and culture, and afterward tasked with preparing a local dish. Ergo, they put their culinary skills to the test while battling each other out.

The final two episodes will take place in two destinations: Sunway City Kuala Lumpur and The Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat in Malaysia. From Malaysian cuisine to Filipino fare, there is a range of delicious dishes on display in all destinations.

‘Celebrity Chef: East vs West’ features Canadian celebrity chef David Rocco and Chinese cooking superstar Nicholas Tse in a culinary competition

Representing the East is Nicholas Tse, entrepreneur with his own cooking show, also known for singing and acting. On the opposing camp representing the West is David Rocco who brings his passion for food to millions of kitchens every day through his television programs and his best-selling cookbooks where he shares the perfect combination of food, travel and a celebration of the sweet life.

The competition promises to be memorable, as both chefs bring not only their extensive knowledge to the table, but also their highly captivating on-air personalities and fascinating careers and back-stories. The ultimate winner will walk away with bragging rights to culinary supremacy, and a generous donation towards a charity of his choice.

Featured for the Philippines is Chef Bruce Lim. He will challenge both celebrity chefs to try one of his specialty dishes blindfolded. Each chef must then search San Andres, a local market in Malate, Manila for the right ingredients to recreate the dish with their own spin on it. With Tse channeling his Asian culinary influences and Rocco cooking with Italian and Indian flavors, there is everything to fight for in this fierce competition.

Celebrity Chef: East vs West premieres airs every Sunday on Fox Life.


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