Celebrity health secrets



Have you ever wondered why celebrities never seem to age? Today, Caveat uncovers a few celebrity health secrets you might find useful.

Karen Davila and Nova Villa have this thing in their household without really knowing they share the same 21st century invention whenever they take to it to rege­nerate themselves.

The Revillas of Imus, parents of Ryan Agoncillo, director Gil Soriano of Anna Liza fame, even the diminutive Mahal and a number of others have this apparatus in the quiet comfort of their homes.

I have been familiar with the facts behind the product long before I heard them, as I once headed a research at an enclave in Ortigas Stock Exchange initiated by a Wall Street smart meme Eric­son Erico to test the hypothesis of the trailblazing discovery of the famous American émigré Nikola Tesla, the Father of Scalar Electromagnetics (also called scalar energy or radiant energy).

The idea was to embed the electromagnetic energy for free from an existing and infinite source of downloadable body energy, just like getting information from the internet. The research bode well to positive conclusion, but got stifled midway due to financial constraints.

The exclusive rights was sold to Mr. Teo Choo Guan, a Malaysian philanthropist and visionary with an advocacy to share its health benefits with those financially disadvantaged to avail of the treatment for free.

Called Waki, the product boasts of high potential therapy. It only takes thirty minutes a day of sitting down on a chair for the negative ions to traverse the system head to foot to regenerate the decaying or weakened cells and strengthen the rest of the vital organs.

As caveat, the scalar electromagnetics is far different from your conventional understanding of electric energy used for lobotomy and electrocution.

The prototype health device that went through several modifications has been put to beneficial use in some parts of the country the past 21 years serving the public unconditionally for free, whether ailing or just to boost one’s good normal health condition.

More celebrities are getting the hang of the device but have kept it to themselves like a treasured secret garden.

King of Talk Boy Abunda is said to be getting one for his mother, so with the president of the Directors Guild at the Film Academy of the Philippines William Mayo.

As they say, health is wealth and it’s everybody’s concern—celebrity or not.


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