Celebs welcome ‘Angelina King’ with open arms

Angelina, formerly Ian King, and wife Joey Mead

Angelina, formerly Ian King, and wife Joey Mead

The truth will set me free. Trans woman

This is now the Instagram bio of Ian King, who introduced himself anew as Angelina “Angie” Mead King.

On Sunday, entertainment website pep.ph broke the story on why the husband of TV host and model Joey Mead King decided not only to come out about his sexuality but change his appearance to become a woman as well.

He said, “It’s hard to keep denying.”

Son of business tycoon Archie King who perished in a helicopter crash in 2015, the proud trans woman manages the family’s Victoria Court hotel chain, and is behind the popular Car Porn Racing company.

As King and Mead continued to tell their story on their Facebook accounts over the weekend, social media was bombarded with comments from netizens, including showbiz celebrities and high society alike.

Since 2012
From her Instagram account @hailtothe_king, King posted a screenshot of the account @hailtothe_queen_, with photos of “Ian” dressed as a woman.

It appears that the account has been active since 2012 but was not publicly set.

King also posted a photo, saying Mead is her “rock and number one supporter,” where the latter replied, “Love is love.”

The next photo from Mead showed a woman in a pool with the caption “Freedom.” It was King wading in the water.

Daddy knew
Reports said that King’s father had known his son was transitioning before his sudden death in July 2015.

King’s younger brother, Atticus, showed support by posting an image in his own Instagram account, with the caption, “My former kuya who is now my ate. Meet my ‘new’ sister Angie @hailtothe_queen_.”

Meanwhile, their mother, Marvy Del Rosario Schuman also expressed her support for her child in Facebook, saying, “It takes courage to speak your truth… I am thrilled and happy that my child has found bliss! To live an honest life is the only way we should live. I love you, Angie Ian!”

Showbiz cheers
“Words cannot express how inspiring this is,” TV host Bianca Gonzalez Intal said.

“Perfect hashtags!” wrote celebrity fashion designer Mark Bumgarner of King’s #loveislove #beproud #betruetobeyou #lovewins #transgender

Motoring journalist and TV host James Deakin showed support said, “So one of the car guys I look up to the most, is now a woman. Hey, if you ain’t hurting anyone and it makes you happy, it’s all the same to me. Good luck, Ian/Angie.”

Host Marc Nelson said, “Now I have two sisters in the Mead-King household! Love you both and so happy for you.”

“You deserve to be happy and free! You’re very lucky to have an amazing woman by your side too! Happy for you both!” actress Iza Calzado said.

“1 life to live, and always too short! Be free always,” Shawn Yao commented.

TV host Iya Villania-Arellano posted “You guys…Such a beauty!”

Model and host Kelly Misa-Fernandez wrote: “Happy for you! Hail to the queen!”

“Inspiring strength and courage!” wrote magazine editor and former model Myrza Sison.

“Fabulous. Welcome to the LGBTIA community,” wrote Carlos Celdran.

“We’re here for you, always,” actor and model Troy Montero said.

Nadya Hutagalung, former host of Asia’s Next Top Model said, “Sending so much love and support to @hailtothe_queen_&@joeymeadking. #middlelove and I just spent last week staying with them and shared all the ups and downs of this stage of their lives together as Ian is transitioning to Angie. It was an important lesson for my son to learn and see. Teach your children tolerance from a young age. Love is Love. We are all one humanity”

Responding to the overwhelming show of support, the woman of the hour posted a message on Instagram on @hailtothe_king saying, “So much love and support I can’t even believe how amazing everyone has been. It’s hard to keep denying yourself your own truth so now this is me. Thank you so much everyone!”

Angelina, meanwhile, took to her on Facebook account and said, “What’s a dream, I couldn’t sleep from being so happy! Thank you to everyone for the love and support. You can’t imagine what kind of weight has been lifted off my heart. I am excited to see you all soon.


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