Cha-cha designed to subjugate us to foreigners


While Noynoy Aquino treats us yet to another boring lip-service in today’s “celebration” of the nation’s 117th independence anniversary, China looks to occupy more of our territory in the West Philippine Sea.

If by any chance the President dares to address the issue, don’t be surprised if it delves on finger-pointing, usually to the past administration, that earned him the tag “Boy Sisi.”

Or Aquino may just exhort his yet unknown successor at Malacañang to squarely deal with the Chinese incursion, which he failed to do in the past five years.

But worse than Noynoy’s act of cowardice to protect and defend the country’s sovereignty is his insistence to bring about amendments to the 1987 Constitution.

Having his cronies in Congress push for Charter change or “Cha-cha” this week is indeed a very dramatic move to undermine the economic interest of Filipino entrepreneurs and workers.

Cha-cha is worse than giving up the Spratlys to China without a fight.

It is worse than giving up Sabah to Malaysia without a fight.

It is worse than surrendering Muslim Mindanao to the blood-thirsty separatists, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Cha-cha, which seeks to ease restrictions on foreign ownership of land, utilities, media and schools, is much worse than the prevailing oil price deregulation.

One militant group leader is right in saying this Cha-cha, which Congress is trying to railroad, is the “worst form of betrayal” as it would sell our patrimony to foreigners.

“The rush to ease constitutional restrictions on foreign ownership is one of the biggest threats to our sovereignty and economy,” Bayan secretary-general Renato Reyes, Jr. said.

I don’t believe that allowing 100 per cent foreign ownership of land, utilities, media and schools will lead to prosperity.

Instead, it will completely subjugate Filipino’s interests to foreign corporations.

This Cha-cha train that Noynoy’s cronies are trying to railroad with less than a year left in their term is clearly ill-designed and ill-motivated.

Kababuyan na naman iyan.

What a way to celebrate Independence Day!
A govt official with a big heart
On a positive note, we’d like to take cognizance of an act of compassion shown by National Irrigation Administration director Florencio Padernal to a NIA regional office employee who suffered a stroke.

Despite the employee’s significant recovery, he is apparently left with limited physical abilities, which would have compelled him to an early retirement after many years of public service at NIA.

Needless to say, the meager benefits that he could have received if he retired would not have lasted long to support his poor family.

But when Padernal learned about his subordinate’s predicament, the director called the employee to NIA’s head office in Diliman, Quezon City.

Padernal believed that such an unfortunate event must not end the employee’s career in the government. And then, the NIA chief broke the good news to him.

The good-hearted official decided to have the employee reassigned to NIA’s main office and given duties which he can fulfil independently with his limited abilities.

Happy Independence Day!


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  1. Mr. Tulfo, are you saying that Singapore and Hongkong made the wrong move in opening up their economies to foreigners? Are you saying that the 1987 Constitution is flawless and isnt hampering our growth potentials? The world is changing rapidly and we are getting left behind because we are scared to compete.

  2. I have read the column of Roberto Tiglao how the Salim group of Malaysia have subvert the 60/40 filipino ownership of corporations by way of “layering of ownership” of corporations through very smart lawyers and loopholes of our laws.

  3. Felimon A. Soria on

    I disagree with you Mr. Erwin Tulfo Re: Foreign ownership of our resources in the Philippines. We are terribly lagging behind in economic growth because of this restriction. What happens really it if we do not ease foreign ownership is that we are perceived as immature as a nation. What are you so scared about if big corporations will buy lands for their manufacturing concerns. More employment opportunities for Filipinos.

    • I also disagree with Mr Tulfo. If a foreigner comes to this country to retire and brings his retirement or pension money with him why shouldn’t he be allowed to own the piece of land that he purchased or the house which he built. Very seldom does his partner contribute actual cash to obtaining the property but the Filipinas name is registered on the title as owner with sometimes the foreigners name recorded on the back of the title.
      You sir should interview a few foreigners and see what sort of harassment they receive just by living here. Everyone thinks they are rich Kano’s and believe that because they have a pension they should share it with any Filipino that asks. How about the foreigners that are harassed under threat of deportation if they refused to agree to many of the stupid money making schemes some Filipinos dream up.

      If almost anything is left to a Filipino to build or manage it usually ends up going bankrupt or loses customers due to poor service.

    • P.Akialamiro on

      Are you claiming that we are “a mature” nation? We are in a ‘mess’ with all the corruptions, in and out of the government, and yet nothing is being done in a consistent manner.. Pres. BS Aquino is “tooting his own horn” about his “da-ang matuwid” which is “non-existent”. What he has is a “da-an” for his vindictiveness and whims, going against his ‘enemies, but doing nothing to his KKKL., proving his “divisiveness”, ineptitude and incompetence. After 5 years, he has the most epithets of all presidents of the country. Typically, he has the “noynoying” attitude as exwmplified with his comments and reactions after the Hayan calamity.

    • Yes I agree that we should give same rights to foreigners as Filipinos on economic matters such as owning lands, engaging in any business. Right now millions of Filipinos are forced to go abroad to get jobs and be separated from their loved ones resulting in destroying family relationships. I don’t care if foreigners eventually control our economy as long as it will give more job opportunities for Pinoys. At least working in their own country Filipinos will have their government to protect them and NOT be separated from their loved ones. Unlike working abroad where they are at the mercy of foreign employers, foreign government and separated from families.