Cha-cha, draft changes to salvage BBL – Marcos

ROAD TO PEACE  Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. addresses students of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila where he explains the position of the Senate Committee on Local Government on why the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law did not pass the constitutionality test. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. addresses students of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila where he explains the position of the Senate Committee on Local Government on why the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law did not pass the constitutionality test. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

Amend the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law or amend the 1987 Constitution via Charter change or Cha-cha to accommodate drastic changes in the draft BBL.

Either of the two options, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Tuesday said, will effectively enable the supposedly flaw-ridden BBL to withstand constitutional challenges.

Speaking to students of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) in Intramuros, Manila, in a symposium entitled “In the Name of Peace,” Marcos explained the importance of the BBL, touted as an effort to bring peace and development to Muslim Mindanao under the context and framework of the Philippine Constitution.

“We as a nation are now at a particular point in our history where we are renewing our constitutional commitment to peace and development with our brothers and sisters in Muslim Mindanao. And in light of this commitment, we are likewise attempting to recalibrate the terms of the grant of autonomy to Muslim Mindanao, which, as of present time, is legally known and legally recognized as the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao [ARMM],” he said.

But the senator told the students that many provisions of the proposed BBL, which was submitted by Malacanang to Congress last year, are unconstitutional and Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, a constitutional expert, confirmed it in her committee report on the BBL.

Citing Santiago’s report, he said the BBL aims to create a “part-sovereign” or “sub-state” called Bangsamoro, with elements of a state under the Montevideo Convention, namely, permanent population, defined territory and capacity to enter into relations with other states.

If Congress were to pass the draft BBL, the new law would violate the Constitution and will face challenges before the Supreme Court (SC), according to Marcos.

The head of the Senate Committee on Local Government designated to deliberate on the BBL to ensure that it would withstand legal scrutiny, he said amendments to the draft should be introduced and accepted not only by Congress but also by the people of Mindanao.

Marcos said only by revising certain provisions of the draft BBL could the law be accepted and implemented without it being declared unconstitutional by the SC.

Such move, he added, would be easier than changing the Constitution in order to accommodate certain unconstitutional provisions of the BBL.

“These are the peaceful, unifying and constitutional ways of doing it. In the name of peace, let these be done. No shortcuts. No railroading. No threats of violence. No threats of war,” Marcos told the PLM students.

It was the first time for him to talk about the BBL with students who, according to him, play a major role in society, they being the future of the nation.

Marcos said he had visited various places in Mindanao and spoke on the BBL with major stakeholders, among them Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Moro National Liberation Front, indigenous peoples, sultanates and representatives from different sectors of society.

“Then I realized, I haven’t talked to the youth and the students yet. If I don’t do this it will be a major shortcoming because the youth are our country’s future and the principal beneficiary of the peace process,” he added.

“I hope that you will be able to pick up important lessons about our topic this morning, because of its sheer importance to our life as a nation, and to our lives as a people, especially to you, our youth,” he said.

“I want to pass a perfect BBL, but it may take a little longer,” Marcos said.

During an open forum, a PLM student in the audience asked the senator about his running for the 2016 elections.

He replied that there have been calls for him to run for a higher position but that he has no exact plans yet.

“My father told me that in politics and in life, keep your options open,” Marcos said, referring to late former President Ferdinand Marcos.



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  1. My countrymen who are airing negative comments about the proposed BBL and the actions of Mr. Marcos You must have read the the contents of the proposed law so that you can understand the situation.

  2. Marcos is just right and proper to junk BBl in its present form.If this milf are not traitors to other muslims in Mindanao they kept on telling that everyone was represented ….hahahah iqbal and murad will be a billionaire as soon as they pass this fucking bbl in its present form..Everybody want to live in peace ,in harmony rehardless of religion ,but what is behind the picture of this BBL in disguised of Malaysia to grab and occupy MINDANAO …how many muslims are there in Mindanao ,only 10% of the population, this ten percent are not even united to accept this bbl of iqbal and murad…how about the 90% who doesnot want to be under this bbl ….they elbow them to the sidelines like what the lamed Pres,want to do for NOBEL PRIZE? ….This BBL cannot hostage the next PRESIDENT…they must show their sincerity by doing good things for all the inhabitants of MINDANAo ,not only for the MILF…PERIOD.

  3. Charlie Lopez on

    Marcos wants to perfect the BBL? at magpropose ng substitute? sus! halatang halata na puro pamumulitka. It’s so obvious,. malapit na aksi ang eleksyon, ngpapabango ng pangalan, gusto sa kanya ang credit. Tumigil kana Sentor Marcos, don’t use the BBL for your personal interest! BBL is rightful to be passed!

  4. Just do something for Mindanao and do it now. Dont just do nothing. Yes Cha-cha is good. we can have both. But first pass the BBL to get peace and progress started in Mindanao out there they have waited 43 years. No they cannot wait one day more. peope are dying by the day.

  5. hay naku! alam na! sobrang pabango ng pangalan tong si Marcos. wagas makagamit sa BBL na akala mo siya nagpakahirap gumawa ng bill na to. tapos andaming kunyari pumupuri sa kanya at todo tulak tumakbo na Presidente. ano ba yan. hindi niya talaga siguro alam ano nakasalalay jan sa BBL. Puro kasi pansariling interes inuuna eh!

  6. Trishe Medina on

    I can’t take this Bong Bong Marcos! Obviously he is just using this BBL and the Filipinos’ quest for peace in Mindanao to build up his name for his ambition in the coming election. You are such a credit grabber! Do your job well and it will get back to you positively. But if you’re just going to use this very important bill that Moros have been waiting for, well you don’t deserve to be Philippines’ President or Vice President!

  7. rod concepcion on

    Mr. Wayne, I didn’t understand your comments, they are vague. The only comment I understood was your negative comment about Bongbong. Please, if you have noting to do in your country, don’t do it here in the Phlippines. In fact, Bongbong deserves much respect by all peace-loving Filipinos because of his concern for life, territorial integrity and sovereighty and independence.

  8. Indeed, history repeats itself for Bongbong Marcos as someone who is “Iginuhit ng Tadhana” like his father FEM who became the greatest president of the Republic of the Philippines.

  9. The Marcoses are well loved by Filipinos because of the great things that the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos had done for the country. So, if Bongbong Marcos will run for president of the Philippines, he will do the country a very big favor by giving voters a wide latitude of choices for a decent and formidable candidate. We need a leader like Bongbong who is not only very nationalistic but charismatic and intelligent as well.

  10. Wayne Stringer on

    With respect to Senator Marcos. [although he probably doesnt deserve any] surely it is time that the powers that be allowed the people of the Philippines to decide the fate of the BBL and told Malaysia etal to desist from undermining Philippine sovereignty and it’s prospects of real federation. ie: the one country, one people, one law, one flag and one future concept. As I have said before it is always disturbing when a small aggressive minority can force a government to allow it to have autonomous control over a section of a sovereign state and it’s population despite the majority wishes.

  11. In his speech (which he read so he knows) the moron said that in not passing the BBL congress has denied the moros what is rightfully theirs. If he didn’t realize it yet he was in fact fomenting displeasure and hatred among the moros who were there among the audience together with their highest leadership. As president this moron should promote harmony and patience for all concerned but what was his agenda where instead he was telling his audience to in effect take up the matter in their own hands and get what is afterall rightfully theirs by whatever means. If war and violence ensues this moron will again say “I told you so didn’t I” and true to his “boy sisi” stance blame congress for it. I really look forward for that day when this moron gets his comeuppance and lands in jail or mental institution in put in display for all to see what happens to morons like him.


    marcos should run as vice president for binay… Binay-Marcos is a good idea, what do you think guys? please comment.

    • Only Binay wants to run with Bise Binay. Senator Binay or Mayor Binay. Keep the money in the family and protect each other’s back. So big-time incestuous, but hey!!….. ganu’n lang iyon!

    • Bad idea

      Binay is pro-PNoy (and was appointed by Cory in the mid-80’s as Makati Mayor)

      It would be better if Marcos-Meriam (both were wise) or Marcos-Duterte (both favors federalism)

  13. Can we stop referring to Mindanao as Muslim (Muslim Mindanao, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao)? We all know that there communities (provinces, cities and municipalities) in that geographical area which are hugely populated by Filipinos that are not Muslims.

    On the proposed BBL, right on Senator Bongbong. Do what should and must be done in favor of the generations of today and those yet to come.

  14. Senator Bongbong, ITS TIME! The devil incarnate has taken the country down the wrong path. He and his cohorts are fooling the people with lies and more lies. The Country needs someone to get us out of these mire. In the name of your father who did many good things for the people please take up the cudgels. We need an intelligent President with a good vision to make these nation great again. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY.