The challenges with responsible gaming


GAMBLING in the Philippines started since the 16th century and continues to flourish until today. To help manage the country’s gambling operations, the government created the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor), which aims to regulate and operate games of chance as well as to generate funds.

As the prime mover, Pagcor envisions to make the Philippines a top gaming and entertainment destination in the Asean region by generating revenues that fund nation-building programs.

To realize this vision, it has been the mission of Pagcor to create an environment that propels the development of the Philippine gaming and entertainment industry; to be a responsible and responsive partner of the Philippine government in its nation-building programs and to establish or enforce a regulatory framework that preserves the integrity of the Philippine gaming industry.

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte warned the government gaming regulators and casino operators that he would give no mercy against individuals who engage in graft and corruption.

The President also said that while he appreciates the tax revenue the industry creates, he has zero patience for unlawful activity.

Responsible gaming
Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1869 as amended by Republic Act No. 9487, Pagcor operates, grants authority to operate and regulates gaming establishments in the Philippines.

In doing so, it promotes delivery of gaming services in a responsible manner.

This sets out rules and guidelines on responsible gaming for adoption by all Pagcor-operated and licensed entities in authorized gaming establishments, in order to minimize potential harm to the individual players and the community, to prevent gambling addiction and to prohibit underage gambling.

Programs for responsible gaming
Also, Pagcor implements player exclusion program to provide patrons, who feel that relatives or they themselves are developing a problem with gambling with the option of barring them from all gaming venues or sites while the National Database for Restricted Persons or NDRP is a web application designed to manage data relating to the restricted customer of license gaming establishments.

It is a search engine designed to check a player’s gaming profile and entitlement to enter a gaming establishment. Its objective is to provide our licensee and self-operated casinos information about a player who enters the gaming area.

The system affords immediate input of basic data from remote terminals and real-time output of the processed information in authorized terminals.

Meanwhile, there is also a computerized database of persons who are restricted from playing in gaming establishments that are operated and regulated by Pagcor nationwide.

An access-restricted site, this database is accessible online to authorized representatives of gaming operators.


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