Challenges still lie ahead


Dear Sir,
When the agreement on power-sharing between the government and the MILF was approved, the next best thing to happen will be normalization. The peace pact as news reports say will be signed by January 2014 and other untackled issues will be taken up in the MILF-PHL meeting in January.

Many challenges still lie ahead but the peace pact signing is indeed a breakthrough for total peace in the region. We just hope that other threat groups like the New People’s Army will grow tired of their illegal activities and help build our nation instead of seeking to destroy it.

What had transpired in the Visayas should be a wake-up call for everyone, friend or foe. What happened was a test for us, that we could give love and care to our neighbor more than ourselves. We hope time will come NPAs and other enemies of society will have the same feeling.

To the MILF and our Muslim brothers, continue to make great strides for peace.

Josie Dingcong-Takeo


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