Chamber calls for opening of Bataan nuclear plant


THE COUNTRY’S oldest business group is calling on the Duterte administration to open the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, citing the need to cut power costs and make sure there is enough energy supply to support industrialization and economic growth.

In a statement, the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands called on the government to “immediately adopt nuclear power as an alternative energy source following the precarious energy problem faced by the Philippines and the alarming high costs of energy to business and industry.”

It noted that 31 countries are operating nuclear power plants “due to unstable and very volatile price of fossil fuel.”

“The United States has 99 nuclear power plants. Vietnam is presently constructing two plants. China has the fastest nuclear power program. Presently, there are more than 65 plants under construction. The rest of the countries using nuclear power plants are in Europe, Northern America, East Asia and South Asia,” the chamber pointed out.

Ensuring adequate power supply will lead to job generation and poverty reduction, it also said.

Moreover, nuclear power is a cheap source of energy, it said.

Citing the results of a previous roundtable discussion with experts, the chamber noted that nuclear power was 79 percent cheaper compared with oil, 78 percent cheaper compared with gas and 23 percent cheaper compared with coal.

There have also been fewer accidents involving nuclear plants compared with other types of plants.


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  1. I have written my two cents worth about this concern way back….let us not put into waste a good thing that can do wonders to our economy. Nay for so many past years nothing of Fukushima like event happened that would deter the continuation of the BNPP operations. Sorry to say but we Filipinos believed in the MEDIA frenzy during that time when FM is building BNPP, corruption, earthquake, NPA bombings of relay posts, and most of all the oligarchs postulating about non-existent mind blowing scenarios that when operational the BNPP will bring more woes than benefits. NOW woe is upon us and now DU30 can reverse woe to wow…and still we hear their yakking. I pray DU30 operates the BNPP

  2. In the beginning of nuclear power it was called by its correct term, “atomic power”, meaning power from fission, not fusion. We should return to “atomic power” because it is more accurate and less scary.

  3. I’m all for change. But, this is not one change that I think is in the best interests of the country. Better to go with other alternatives in my opinion.

  4. The opening of the BATAAN NUCLEAR POWER had long been overdue. CORY refused to utilize the Bataan nuclear power that will make life easier because it’s a project of PRES F.E.MARCOS. It’s as simple as that. All the presidents from AQUINO TO AQUINO simply forgot or do not want to perpetuate the name FERDINAND E. MARCOS in history as s man of good visions for the Philippines. Where is the Philippines now? to compare with its neighbors,say Viet Nam. Maybe Myanmar will overtake the Philippines in progress,nobody knows. One thing the Philippines should do now is to take care Filipino scientists. We should have steel industries,heavy industries, nuclear capabilities independent of foreign control, that can be utilized for civilian and military endeavors. We can catch up with our neighbors or even surpassed them if we have more of Duterte’s caliber.??