A chance to showcase EVs and hybrids in PH market


The Philippines will host the first Asean Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Summit at the World Trade Center that will help raise awareness on electric and hybrid cars to the masses as part of the program.

Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) president Rommel Gutierrez said the summit will help car buyers by exposing them to hybrid and electric technologies.

“We have to introduce these technologies to the driving public that this is something that we look forward to. The problem is they are not aware of such technologies. This is where we’re coming from: we need more public awareness, and we need, at the same time, get government support to bring in the actual units. We are in a stage of educating and bringing in the technology, so for now, let’s bring them in the market and test market acceptability, then we come a long way after that,” Gutierrez told Fast Times.

He also said in a statement that the summit will serve as a platform for creating a roadmap for adopting such vehicles in the Southeast Asian region.

Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) president Rommel Juan added the summit will also allow major vehicle industry players in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to promote collaboration with international industry players to bring more vehicles to the region through the establishment of a regional federation.

“The Asean federation will serve as a unified voice of the Asean electric and hybrid vehicles industry similar to global umbrella organizations such as the Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific, European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, and Electric Drive Transportation Federation in the US,” Juan said in a statement.

Juan told Fast Times EVAP is working to control the prices of hybrids and EVs as they enter the market, with price being the main hindrance in shipping and owning such vehicles.

“We need to make sure that we lower the prices of those vehicles, and to do that, we need an incentive. There is a development now, regarding a bill which was just passed in the Senate and the Congress, to exempt those cars from excise tax. I think we may have a better chance to make sure those cars sell,” Juan said.

The summit will be first hosted by the Philippines in line with the country’s chairmanship of Asean 2017, with the theme “Strengthening Partnerships for Greener Transport in Asean and Beyond.” It is jointly organized by the Board of Investments, CAMPI, EVAP and the Manila Electric Company.


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